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6.30.2003 ||>  

So I can't tell if I'm sick or if it's just allergies. I took 120mg of allegra with however much of the pseudoephedrine they pack into those tiny little pills. I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, but now I just feel loopy. And naturally, since I feel this way, I have decided to share my medication-induced loopiness with all of you.

So the friend I'm staying with has these neighbors who make him sick whenever he goes near them. The mom's a doctor and so the whole family is like a carrier for weird stuff. They never get sick, but us poor Americans with our lack of immunity to weird stuff are completely vulnerable. So back to the neighbors. I didn't know who these neighbors were, or what they looked like although I had heard some stuff about them. So when the neighbors invited me over to drink tea, I went and didn't think about it. Now my friend thinks I'm going to get sick and I'm sort of afraid of infecting people myself. But at the same time, I don't feel sick and I'm just really sniffly which makes me think it's just allergies. So I'm paranoid and feeling silly for being paranoid at the same time.

Wooohh, drugs make my head all swimmy... Good bye.

song: the hunchback of notre dame - esmerelda (in russian)

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6.29.2003 ||>  

Ok, so I'm back. I think my Russian has improved, although the test I took doesn't think so. I'm just going to study sticky grammar points and it'll be better. As for my living situation, well, that's also sticky, so we'll just skip over that too for a second...

...and talk about how tired I am. I don't think I've ever been so tired in my life. I can't stay awake longer than six in the morning. I go to bed at 10 at night, but even then, it's only eight hours and that's not normal for me, since usually I got to bed at at least 11 or midnight. But even at ten I'm exhausted. It's like a functional fatigue, but I feel as if, because I'm across the globe, my insomnia has completely reversed itself and I can't stay asleep instead of not being able to go to sleep. It's really affecting the way I feel about everything. I wish I could sleep...

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song: saffron hill - my love is always

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