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10.03.2003 ||>  

So the other day I was caught out at night in Tashkent, my "mini-Moscow". I decided to take a taxi, and oh my goodness, the most wonderful taxi took me home for a relatively decent price. It was the most beautiful car I think I've seen here except for the Peace Corps cars. The interior was clean and new and the car itself had all sorts of advanced characteristics such as shocks and horsepower. I felt like I was flying out into the night in a little capsule. It was this invincible feeling, that I was in a car that could withstand most anything. I wanted the driver to speed, to let the car run down the street and let the other soviet-issue vehicles to whimper at the sight. I didn't want the ride to end.

Ah, the things that make me happy.

So last Wednesday was Teacher's Day. The government takes a day off and school is on holiday for the day. The day before that, Tuesday, is the day that students traditionally go from class to class giving the teachers presents. While class is held, it's like any other day-before-a-holiday, which means it's really a farce. Of course, we don't have this in America, so I forgot. But I not only forgot, I had scheduled a test for that day. My kids were not happy. But I collected nevertheless, in the form of flowers, chocolate and, weirdly enough, a tea pot. They should have this day in America.

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