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10.10.2003 ||>  

I am getting increasingly obsessed with Harry Potter. I have no idea why, I thought that if it would have happened, it would have happened before, when I read all of the books. But no, now I am saving money to buy the movies and I have all the books. Oh, and I'm trying to get cheap copies of Harry Potter to have a class set for my equally obsessed students. I guess Order of the Phoenix hasn't come out in Russian yet and they're dying. Poor, cute little 9th graders. Sigh.

I'm also starting a class on web design. Or rather, I started it last Tuesday, and it was a little frustrating. The kids barely knew how to close a tag, but yet they wanted to do all sorts of crazy stuff like JavaScript functions. Here's an example:

Student: Can you teach up movable type?
Me: What's that?
Student: You know, when the type moves on the screen in a web site.
Me: No, I won't teach you that. I don't even know how to do it, know why?
Student: Why?
Me: Because it's annoying. No one likes it.
Student: I like it.
Me: You're 16. And a boy.

Didn't mean to offend 16 year old boys, because I'm sure they have better taste. But this is what I'm dealing with right now. But I like it all the same. They are all so eager. I'm also a bit sexist since I keep trying to encourage my girls more than the boys, but you know, they're underrepresented.

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