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12.04.2003 ||>  

On Thursday something extraordinary happened. It was my longest day and I always look forward to having my 9th grade class because they are always so happy and like English. But my counterpart told me that they have to go to a presentation on the Constitution (it's Constitution Day on Monday). I was a little upset since they were behind from another holiday they had to miss class for, but what can I do?

However, when my counterpart told them that they would have to miss English class that day, there were whines all around. "Pleeeaaase don't make us go!" My counterpart and I laughed a little in shock, sure that they were joking. A minute passed and it became clear that they were not. I seized the opportunity, closed the door and pouted mercilessly at my counterpart until she asked the head English teacher for a reprieve. The head teacher relented and when the students heard the news, they actually cheered. "Yay! We have a lesson!" My counterpart said that she had never seen anything like that before.

So today, as I watch my other classes' eyes glaze over in apathy, when one of my better students blatantly cheats, or my kids make fun of my horrible Russian, I think that at least to some of the students, being in class can be more fin than not.

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