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12.12.2003 ||>  

I find it interesting how certain people identify with certain products. I, for one, am a Pepsi girl rather than a Coke one (like many other volunteers). In college, a friend of mine described herself as a Dr Pepper person. Of course, this phenomenon isn't confined to just the drink market. In the 80s, wasn't it Debbie Gibson versus Tiffany? And the 21st century version - Britney versus Christina? I remember clearly this argument I had in my university CD shop with a guy over those two. At the time, I was buying Fiona Apple and Radiohead and he was buying Linkin' Park. The irony is that it was obvious neither of us had so much as a toe in the pop world, but yet, there we were, arguing the merits of the two pop princesses.

But what I really want to talk about is Snickers. (Yes, I ramble.) I am a peanut butter cup girl all the way. To me, there is nothing better than chocolate and peanut butter especially if that combination is produced by the Reece's company. However, lately I've been seduced into a new affair with Russian Snickers. The reason for this are the limited editions that are produced there. Snickers by itself cannot compare to Reece's pb cups. However, last year when they came out with Sunflower Snickers (with sunflower seeds), it was an interesting diversion. This year, it's "220 volt" Snickers. As a friend put it, the feeling is like "when the bullet hits the bone." I think of it as sort of a marriage between Red Bull's energy and Snicker's chocolately goodness. As this is the time of year I need energy the most, it may become exclusive enough to stretch my last 8 peanut butter cups until New Year's.

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