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12.26.2003 ||>  

Finals week hit my classes like a sledgehammer. At the university, I thought that nothing could be worse than the stress of finals. Now I know it is giving finals which is the worst part. The students only have to study and take them. The teachers have to make them, make sure the students are nominally prepared, give them (checking all the while for the ever-prevalent cheating) and then grade them. Then, after all that, there's the "Oh! I was sick so I can't take the final." or "Katya's not sick... she's just not here..." and it's my job to get her.

As if the situation were not difficult enough, this is Uzbekistan. So of course people who never teach have to make bureaucratic decisions making life harder for all the teachers. For instance, some students missed school for the Olympiad, which is a competition where the prize is a tuition waiver to the University. So the word came down that 1. The students in the Olympiad could miss the last week of school (which not two weeks before was also designated as finals week) and 2. that none of the students in the Olympiad could get below a "4" for their final grade. (5=A, 4=B, 3=C and so on) The rationale being that they are studying so hard, that school shouldn't matter.

This is ok for the most part, since most of the Olympiad students always get 5s and 4s anyway, But I have one that literally did nothing in my class, and then back-talked me when I demanded his homework. And he's taking the physics Olympiad. But now I have to give the little shit a 4. This whole thing is totally ridiculous, can you even imagine what would happen if people were allowed to do this in America?

On the up and up though I just saw Kill Bill, vol.1 from Quentin Tarantino. It kicked some serious booty and I am enthused to see the next versions. At the end of my Peace Corps service, I am going to America and David and I will go on a mission: to watch every good film I missed in 2 years. At least this is my plan, I haven't let him in on it until now.

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