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1.15.2004 ||>  

Ok, so I was sort of angry and out of sorts before. But I'm ok now... sort of...

I wish the breaks between school were longer so that I could get more other work done than lesson planning. Do I really enjoy teaching? Nope. I remember that I liked it at the University, when I would do projects and such and I could make a class laugh (or maybe through stuff at me - one can never tell really). I didn't know why this was, just that I was dissatisfied with it all since coming here. Then I went to this site, and read a post that stated that students in secondary school only care about 2 things: passing their classes and socializing with frends. And hey, I already knew that! It wasn't that long ago I was in high school. And that is pretty much what it boils down to. I am here to "help" the people, so why should I slave away helping a bunch of people that don't want it? And, in the meantime, sacrificing precious time and sleep. This ties in with my other post I guess. I don't think the volunteers really care if there's a site or not. So why should I bother? Why not give into my ennui and just sit at home with peanut butter pancakes and books?

The answer is simple: I'm almost out of peanut butter.

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