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1.22.2004 ||>  

So the other day my counterpart Olga came into the classroom after one of my classes and said, "The director wants to know if you can stay an extra year." My first, visceral response was to think of how sweet this offer was. Of course I would stay. Why not, if I was wanted so much?

Of course in the next heartbeat I took it all back. What was I thinking? First, Peace Corps bases an extention of service on "community need" and hey, no city really needs anyone. And then there's the idea of staying here for one more year which makes me whine almost as much as the thought of a Bush re-election. Not that I don't like Uzbekistan, at least most of the time, I just don't think I could do one more year.

But my point is that I love my school. I love that they love me. And it goes to show what happens when you quit (sort of). At my last school, I felt like I was in a prison. A very nice prison where I worked as a trained monkey. I thought there was no way out other than quitting the Peace Corps. But I refused to quit and finally I got the Peace Corps to give me what I needed to get the job done - a good school with teachers who are cool instead of crazy. Many times quitting isn't the real solution (although sometimes it can save your life too ) but merely changing your perspective can make you happier than anything!

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