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3.30.2004 ||>  

As you probably seen on CNN or BBC or other news organizations with cool acronyms, Uzbekistan has seen a bit of action as of late. In my city of Tashkent (although now I'm on vacation half-way across the country so I missed it) some bombs were set off at our second-largest bazaar and around the neighboring towns. And in another prominent city, Bukhara, a couple other bombs were set off.

Here's where I reassure you.

The bomb in the Chorsu Bazaar was set off at 6 o'clock in the morning on Monday. Now, the obvious point to draw is that it could not have been targeting foreigners. After all, what American is at a shopping center at 6 am except bored suburban housewives on the morning after Thanksgiving? The other bombs are similar in that they seem to not be targeting civilians. The truth is is that I'm still surrounded by people who care about me and will make sure I'm ok. Peace Corps is not letting me travel back to Tashkent, so I'm pretty much on an extended vacation (!!), until I'm given leave to travel back to work.

Anyway, don't fret, including if I don't email or blog over the next week or so. I'm on pay Internet so it's slower and I frankly don't have the cash to do lots of Internet. I'll get back as soon as I can.

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