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4.17.2004 ||>  

It is incredibly difficult to be a fan of Joss Whedon. Not that I don't love him (hell, I created an unofficial site for him), just that he makes you work so hard when you are a faithful viewer. There are only so many times that a girl can have her heart ripped out and held before her, bloody and dripping for the whole world to see.

At first I admired him for his courage in getting us to love his characters just to have him kill them off callously whenever they were getting too happy. Yes, it makes for some excellent writing, but why does every character the audience gets some sort of attatchment to have to be disposed of? I know that real life is not always flowers and daisies and that good guys get killed as often as the bad in the real world. But at the same time people often fall in love and live happily ever after in some sort of suburb with cherubic kids and snarky cats. Boring as hell, I know, but if people can do that, why can't my favorite characters last a season without getting chomped by the Big Ugly? It's depressing.

Ok, so I internalize a bit too much. I know it's a problem. And I know all that hero-saving-the-world stuff that they dish out isn't at all what they believe in themselves. But I'm a sucker for it. Watching Buffy and Angel makes me want to go out and save the day, be a hero, whatever. Perhaps that's why I joined the Peace Corps, I don't know. So I take it personally when female heroes are offed.

Oh, and thanks Kelly for the new tapes! I thoroughly enjoyed them.

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