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5.14.2004 ||>  

While I was checking my email, I came across an article titled, "Can you eat meat and still be a vegetarian?" Well, of course not, I thought. But apparently, you can still eat meat and get a title. According to the article, there are these people called "flexatarians" who mostly eat fruits and veggies, but who also eat meat on rare occasions.

Now, my question is: shouldn't they just be called "healthy eaters"? As a vegetarian, it makes me a little nuts when people call themselves a vegetarian but then eat fish or chicken. These people are not vegetarians, they are just people who like to eat healthy. Vegetarians are people who don't eat meat. Allow me to illustrate.

When I was 13, I stopped eating meat and was a vegetarian. At 22, in order to prepare for the third world I acclimated my stomach to meat by eating meat (fish or chicken) once or twice a week for three months. At that point I was no longer a vegetarian. When I got to the third world and realized I could get away with a no-meat diet, I stopped eating meat and became a vegetarian again.

So, why do these pseudo-tarians say they're something they're not? I think this article has given me an answer: some people just want a cool title that makes them feel healthier (read: superior) to everyone else. And that's cool, whatever helps a person sleep at night is ok with me. But I wish that they'd stop messing around with my lifestyle. Maybe with this "flexatarian" nonsense they finally will.

PS: girl-Kelly, read my comments on the last blog.

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5.13.2004 ||>  

Last week in lieu of spending any time on the internet I elected to party down in another town for Cinco de Mayo, or as it turned out, Ocho de Mayo. It was really laid back, a lot like a barbecue back home I guess (if I remember what that's really like) only with Mexican food. Of course, none of the Mexican-American volunteers made any of the food, but they did give it the seal of approval. While they had their water gun fight. We breakfasted on strawberries and cream and dined on from-scratch salsa, tortillas and lots of other good food.

Speaking of good food... I have managed to consume in this week alone 3 kilograms (around 7 pounds) of strawberries and cherries. Interestingly enough, I don't feel like I'm getting enough, I haven't reached my fill. Must have more sweet, red fruit.

In an email my silly banana friends (yes, that is what I really call them: there is Silly and her sister Banana) asked me, "What's the one thing that you miss most about living [in Arizona] besides having girlfriends to hang with and your family?" The truth is... I don't miss anything else. Well, maybe my guy friends, but I really don't want to live in Arizona when I go back. And the only reason I'm going back at all is those self-same family and friends. After all, the strawberries just won't be the same there.

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