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5.21.2004 ||>  

So much is happening right now while it seems like at the same time my life is getting more and more easy. My extracurricular activities have ended and next Tuesday is the end of school. I will have nothing to do really, except get ready for vacation and other fun. But people don't let you go without a fight, and so there is requisite paperwork, to be filled out in triplicate and rubber stamped.

I'm going to Prague soon with boy-Kelly and I'm really excited about it. One of the other volunteers thought that I was going because of all the princess-like towers and stuff. I really just want to get out of the third world though. I really think that Americans can only live for so long in Central Asia before it becomes a "get out or go crazy" situation. According to another volunteer, the original Budweiser is Czech too, and it's about light-years better than the American version. The last time I had good beer was in London when I got some Harp on tap in an Irish restaurant. I think I had an out-of-body experience from the taste alone. I don't know what I'll do in a part of the world that's known for it's great beer.

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Here's some great quotes I've heard from people in the past three weeks:

"But you're a teacher! You can't go to the disco!" - told to me by one of my 11th graders.

"Catholicism is difficult because there is an exam." - from a conversation with a fellow teacher on why she's Russian Orthodox.

"You make $100 a month? And here we were wondering if that was enough for dinner." - a British tourist I hung out with a couple of times.

"That's a pretty dress, but you shouldn't wear [underwear] with it. You have a line." - from my 60 year old English department head (yes, who is a woman).

"You look nice in that dress. You look fatter in pants." - same teacher, same dress. It was obviously a funny conversation.

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