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6.29.2004 ||>  

The Veggie Sense is much like the Spider Sense except we veggies don't get cool superpowers to go along with it. It is the tingling feeling we get when we sense a nasty restaurant experience coming on. So we can't anticipate an attack with it, unless it's in the gastro-intestinal area. The veggie sense is oftentimes triggered by this phrase: "Yeah... I'm pretty sure that this restaurant has... salads."

When the unsuspecting vegetarian hears that, the reaction involves no small tickle of fear that, while all her meat-eating friends will be satisfied with the menu, she will be stuck with a "house salad" that consists of a few weak iceberg lettuce leaves drowning in an artery-clogging dressing. These travesties still occur, as certain restaurants have not caught up to the 21st century where vegetarians are an economic power to be catered to. Once upon an evening, David took me to Applebees where (and I think I blogged about this) there was nothing without meat. Even the salads had it. Luckily, I didn't encounter this in Germany, although for a while I was mightily scared this would happen. Our gracious host scared me with the above line and I felt my veggie sense tingling and I became very nervous. Although to be completely truthful, while there was enough to accommodate me, it is a little bit like there was never any mad cow disease or anything the way they carry on with their bratwurst and so on over there.

On the other hand, anything is worth it in Germany when you factor in the quality of the beer. Besides, if you can't eat, you get drunker faster, right? Seriously, I was drinking the beer there and although I was feeling tipsy (which I didn't want to be) I didn't want to stop drinking because it tasted so darn good. This also happened in London at one point. (yeah Mom, still sorry about that one...) I think when I get back to America, I will make it a point to only drink good beer. And no more vodka. Ever. Again.

By the by: I put up 3 more reviews in the articles for this site: book reviews for Kushiel's Dart and Life of Pi and a movie review for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


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