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7.31.2004 ||>  

So... more bombs in Tashkent and I'm still ok. Peace Corps is protecting us big time.

Oh, and CNN lied about the last bombings and I see they're still lying now. If the news says these bombings are from al-Qaeda or anything else that seems nefarious, please don't buy it. The last time people said it, rumors were flying and nothing was really true. I'll give out information when I get it. Just on the short: Prosocutor's Office, American Embassy and Israeli Embassy bombed. I'm not in danger. CNN lie.

Today at 4 my time (and I suppose Pacific time too) the Ambassador is meeting with all the representatives of American organizations in the country to decide what to do. I'm on what's called "standfast" which means I will not be able to leave my apartment until they decide what to do. Which kind of sucks, but I'd rather be stuck and safe.

I'll give more information when they let me out of my apartment.


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7.28.2004 ||>  

 So I haven't written in a week or so and that's because I have been to two conferences back to back.  But it's the one I'm at now that's interesting, because it's the one about me going home.

So at month 24 of Peace Corps service, we have a "Close of Service" conference that we all call "COS" because we work for the government and thus would be uncomfortable not using an acronym.  It is absolutely mandatory and to be truthful, I was not expecting much.  However, I forgot the Babysitter Principle.  The Babysitter Principle is that it doesn't matter how bad a babysitter you are or how upset the kid gets as long as he or she is happy for the last 30 minutes or so of the babysitting.  See, in this case, the kid forgets everything and the parent never needs to know if the job went badly.  Sounds awful, I know.  The point is, is that the Peace Corps put us at a nice place for our very last conference. 

Now, this place is better than nice.  There's satellite TV, air conditioning, and three course meals for three meals a day.  I think I'm going into a diabetic coma because I'm eating everything they put in front of me.  I'm definitely gaining back every kilogram that I have lost in the Peace Corps all in the space of three days.  Honestly, I didn't think I could eat this much, but I was wrong.

The conference is a little depressing too.  It's all about leaving Peace Corps, so there's all the talk about the culture shock that happens when we get back.  I know already that not very many people are going to be truly interested in my experiences and not prepared for how much I have changed as a person, but it'll still be difficult.  There's also the lack of employment that's difficult and so I feel a bit pressured to get a job while I'm still here for security.  Don't get me wrong,  I am happy to see everyone soon and live in an economically developed country, I just have all these conflicting emotions.  The emotional cost is huge at this point.

But living in the lap of luxury for three days and four nights... priceless.


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