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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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9.23.2004 ||>  

In the interest of peace, love and rock 'n roll, I'm nailing these requirements up like Martin Luther at the cathedral doors. Well, actually, Martin Luther wouldn't have appreciated rock 'n roll. So I'm posting these commandments up on the Internet superhighway. What am I asking for? Simply enough, a job. "What kind of job?" you may ask. Well, I'm a low-maintenance girl, so really one that will:

- Pay me at least $30,000 a year (minimal for Washington DC).
- Not suck my soul out of my body and leave me a mindless droid. (i.e., not be mind-numbingly boring.)
- Not require me to wear pantyhose.
- Be nominally fulfilling.
- Employ people around my age so I can make friends.

If the Higher Being of Employment would like to flow through my email account and land, silver and glistening, in my mail box with a present, these directions will show it where to find me. But in the meantime, oh Fair Audience, what do you think my odds are? Am I asking for too much? Will the heroine succeed or be dashed upon the rocks of her own making?

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9.19.2004 ||>  

Someone's a birthday girl.... (!!!)

And the Birthday Girl has a bunch of photos of Prague and Munich in her Stock Photography section. Just in case you wanted to see how she spent her summer vacation.

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