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10.29.2004 ||>  

World: So... for the last four years, you have statistically lost the most jobs since the Great Depression. You have participated in two very costly wars that has left two other countries in chaos and spun you into debt. Furthermore, you have seen cutbacks in social benefits because there is no money to support any programs.

America: Yeah, that about sums it up.

World: The majority of you support ideas such as the Kyoto treaty, civil unions, stem cell research, and Roe v. Wade. However, your president has done everything he can to halt or reverse these things. Plus that Halliburton thing is still a bit...

America: Skeezy, yeah, we get it.

World: But you're still going to elect this person?

America: It looks like it'll probably happen.

World: You know, we'll never forgive you if you do.

America: (shrugs)

World: God help us all.

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10.26.2004 ||>  

So everytime I get too nostalgic and want to stay, reality rears it's ugly head. Like today, when I wanted to do two things: go to the post office and 2. meet with the PC Director. But no no no! You see, here you can only do one thing in a day, or a series of days. Because you need several documents from several different agencies in several different buildings all around the city to get anything done. And God forbid you don't have the right stamp! Anyway, I left my apartment at 12 and left the post office at 3:40. Good bye day!

That's one thing about America I'm really looking forward to. Everyone talks about how broken this or that system is in America. I think those people should spend a little time in the former Soviet Union (it's not just here!) so they can see what the term "broken" really means. In America, workers get paid on time and in money (compare to the "there's no money" excuse or getting paid in vodka), and the post office has its own documents in the same building. Amazing.

Sepra was livin' easy on 8:34:00 AM || Site Feed ||