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12.23.2004 ||>  

Last night I watched this awful reality show called "Wife Swap." Don't ask me why I did, since I have some books that could have still been read, but yet I watched. The premise goes that two wives move into each others' houses for two weeks and take over as wife and mother. The first week, the wife has to obey the "family rules," and the second week, she can change the rules to fit her. Of course to make for good drama, they switched a neat freak, Type A lady with a blase, messy and fun one and then watched them go at it in the end. The thing that got me about the show was that it seemed to say, "Well, the wife has this role as a domestic servant who can be changed at will with another." I was a bit sickened by it actually and really wondered why any self-respecting woman would do that to herself.

However, it got me to thinking about other swaps. What if you could swap jobs with someone for a week and see what happened? Well, the boss would probably not be amused. But what about a blog swap? Like, for one week, another person maintains and updates your blog and you do the same for him/her. You could create a new layout, and write every day and do whatever with another person's blog. The only rule would be: you have to stay on topic. For example, if I had a Buffy blog and someone else had an Alias blog, I would have to write about Alias, and he or she would have to write about Buffy. But the tone could change. If it were just a personal blog, then the topic would be life (and thus, just about anything). Maybe it's just me, but I think it might shake some of the cobwebs out and give us writers/bloggers a fresh perspective. Or maybe someone already thought of this and now I'm a moron.

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