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1.08.2005 ||>  

About a year ago my mom bought a computer, and used it to replace my computer which had been cheerfully helping me to write term papers and illegally download music since 1999. Today I did a rather complicated transfer... or rather, watched my friend do it... and cleaned it out. Going through the files now is like being an archaeologist looking at perfectly preserved remains of someone else's personality. The trippy part is that it's actually my personality. Or was, at any rate.

It's amazing how we never see the changes as they're occurring. The wrinkles form so slowly that it isn't until we look at a picture of our younger selves that we even realize we have them. Or a really morning when we look in the mirror just right...

Two years of having my perceptions, my body, and my sanity pulled apart and put back together has given me many different priorities. Are all the changes for the good? Well, not all change is for the better I suppose. I'm a better writer. I have more self-respect and am more confident and less arrogant (as those two things are inversely proportional anyway). I have a nest of wrinkles between my eyebrows and I have less tolerance for other people's bullshit. I talk funny, but not as loud. I'm still confrontational. Is this change good or bad? I really couldn't say.

But does it all have to be about me? Cleaning out my computer is also allowing me to rebuild my website, so there should be a ton more for people to see on the main site than just me prattling about myself. See, it can be about us all now.

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