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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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2.12.2005 ||>   Nice day for a white wedding

Sometimes I feel like taking something that's too sweet for its own good and making it perverse.

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2.11.2005 ||>   shiny happy people

I have been digging on the stories in Story People. My favorites so far:
"I do much better as a goddess, she said, since my secretarial skills have always been limited."

"Are you a princess? I said. And she said I'm much more than a princess but you don't have a name for it yet here on earth."
I first saw these in the mall at a store with the funkiest lamps and purses I've seen in a long time. I'm not big on the art, but the stories are really cool.

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2.10.2005 ||>   When you instant message me

Can you believe it -- this is the fourth request to be in Mormonboy's friend network. If this means that you do not care to be in MB's mobile friend network, then just say so - and save both of you the hassle. It only takes a few seconds!

Just click here to confirm or reject your relationship with MB:

If you don't want to be invited by your friends, just click on the link above and choose block future invitations from family and friends.

I cannot believe that I just had to join a service and contact him so that I could tell him not to contact me. The guy that never returned my phone calls is doing to me what he didn't want me to do to him. Oh, how painful is dramatic irony!

On the bright side, he probably won't even email me if I ask him to. Which I did. He may just be using me to get more free messaging. Wait... is that a bright side?

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2.09.2005 ||>   You like me, I like you too

Last week I went to Bath and Body Works where I bought some body scrub and my aunt bought some cream. She also bought me this really cute Valentine's Day stationary set. So I'm writing valentines to people and I'm really straining with the writer's block. The thing I like about form cards is that they say everything for you (and in a more clever way to boot) so all you have to do is say "Happy Valentine's Day" and sign your name. But I love the idea of being more personal, and the cards are really cute, so here I am.

Now, every year, I hear some people say that Valentine's Day is just a marketing tool whereby Hallmark can make more money by exploiting romance. I say, humbug. The people who say this seem to enter two categories: (1) men or (2) depressingly cynical. The point of these cards is to show the people you love that you care enough to show forethought and initiative to make them feel special. I don't have a boyfriend, a husband or even a good time right now, but there are still people that I love and I want to express it.

Of course, having written all that, I really should get these cards out or lots of people will think I don't love them when really, it would just be laziness or procrastination on my part.

update: wallpaper -> 4 new wallpapers in both 800x600 and 1024x768.

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2.08.2005 ||>   I can't forget but I don't remember what

Dear Mormonboy,

I truly believe that it is a condition of most people to want to believe that they are special and useful to other people. That if they participated in a television show, they would be a main character and not a frivolous recurring one. Human beings want to feel that their lives mean something, even if it's not the case. In this respect, I am no different. I want to be loved and appreciated for the unique spirit I am. It is in this vein that I ask you to never, ever contact me again.

You are not a bad person. I don't believe that you do anything that is purposely malicious because you want to hurt people. However, you have hurt me more than once. Perhaps you never meant to, perhaps it's just how things played out. Unfortunately, you have made me feel confused, hurt, upset and worthless with varying degrees of intensity over the years. Most of all, you made me doubt that I am someone who matters. Luckily for me, I have managed to scrape together enough self-respect to never allow another person to make me feel this way ever again. I know who I am and what I want. I would appreciate it if you never remind me of the way I was, which you can only do by whiting me out of your little black book forever.

I hope you are happy the rest of your life and that you make other people happy.


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||>   Just a sucker with no self esteem

When I was 17, I got drunk for the first time. I wasn't sure how much vodka would affect me and I found myself very drunk with my mom about to come home three hours later. My best friend at the time tried to save me by taking me out where I could sober up and no one would be the wiser. (Thanks to my sister, her plan failed.) So she took me to her work, which was this pizza place a couple of miles away. While I was there, she and a very cute guy she worked with forced about a gallon of water down my throat, and he was very nice as he cleaned up the water I kept drunkenly spilling.

Later on, he asked my friend about me and we started talking. We didn't hook up or anything, but it was new and he wasn't in high school, so I felt cool. Then he went to another country and we wrote each other once or twice a month until he came back two years later. By the end, I can't say I was in love, but I was willing to give it a shot. Perhaps that doesn't make sense, but I really wanted to be with this guy, and everyone was convinced that he felt the same way.

Which made it that much harder when, after a couple of dates, he never called me again and never took my calls. It turned out, as the catch phrase goes, that he just wasn't that into me. But here's the kicker: every so often, he does try to get into contact with me. He always has some lame excuse why he cut off contact before, and the first time it happened, I bought it. The second time it took longer, but he convinced me a little that he was sincere and the last time, I just deleted his email outright.

In the past week or so, he's tried again. Twice. I have to ask myself, if he never wanted to be with me, why does he still do this? What is his problem? It's probably a question no one can answer, but all I care about now is that he doesn't bother me anymore.

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2.07.2005 ||>   at 50 bytes per second

Recently, I just made my life about a million times easier. Switching my site over to PHP was the best thing I've done in a long time. It's really frustrating having to learn it, but for the first time since I learned CSS, I feel like I'm taking a step forward with my sites. I really think that the wave of the future will not include HTML, but will be all about PHP and CSS. Which is why I'm so desperate to learn it.

The other thing is that I recently discovered the automate feature in Photoshop that creates thumbnails. I mean, I always new the automate feature was there, but I never thought it could do that. Then I had one of those forehead-smacking moments when I berated myself for not figuring it out sooner.

Now I have all these plans for what I can do with my sites: maybe take my sections and create whole sites from them? Maybe change my layout more often?

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2.06.2005 ||>  

The Eagles lost. But it was a tight game, so I hope that makes it better.

I redid the Thailand section in stock photography, so now there are 62 pictures, up from the previous 24.

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||>   I'm reaching for the random or whatever will bewilder me

Question: Which is it, Mac or Windows?
Answer: Linux.
I have been trying for the past couple of days to switch from Blogger to Wordpress. I have this dream of one day having a true open source existence where I am perfectly happy doing everything through hacks on open source software. Then I would feel really cool as only a geek can. Unfortunately, what's stopping my dream of better-living-through-hacks right now is that I don't understand Wordpress for the life of me. I left the country (and my computer) right when PHP and MySQL were becoming the Armani and Carolina Herrera of web design. Consequently, now I'm playing a massive game of catch up while I feel like everyone else got on the boat a century before me. I've looked at all the tutorials, and I get that it's all about databases, and they make life easier, but I'm becoming slow on the uptake. Damnit Jim, I'm a volunteer, not a programmer!

I've been working on the css page for Wordpress and I'm about 50% done with making it look like I want, but I have a couple of questions, like: how do you get pop-up comments to work? How do I change the order and look of the link categories? How do I get the menu to extend into the footer?

These are the questions that keep me up at night. If you can help, please do.

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