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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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3.19.2005 ||>   It's raining jobs... hallelujah

As soon as I went to and registered my resume, I have been inundated daily with emails asking me to look up their company and apply for a job. The flip side is that all the jobs are in sales or teaching.

While I am interested in education, I'm positive I don't want to go back to school. No grad school, no teaching, no podiums. As for sales, well, I was never good enough to make a real living from it. Plus, having to approach people all the time would eventually give me an ulcer.

Can't the people I want to give me a job just... answer my emails for once?

But I totally recommend monster.

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3.18.2005 ||>   More on bruschetta

The bruschetta debate rages on. As someone pointed out on my other bruschetta post, some people do pronounce it "brushetta" and not like "brusketta". This is how I pronounced it too until that fateful day a week ago. After a bit of research (that 5 minutes on Google really does pay off!), it's become obvious that the Italians pronounce it the latter way while people who don't speak Italian say the former. I have been debating it with my family as well and my aunt has brought in countless friends, waiters and other random Italian-Americans to weigh in on the subject, and it seems to come out even.

Now, I'm not always a fan of pronouncing something the way the native speakers do. For example, I find Alex Trebek pretentious when he corrects someone on their French in Jeopardy. (Yes Alex, we know we can't pronounce those words for shit, but will you kindly shut up?) However, I think in this case, there's enough people around who pronounce it the right way to make it proper.

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3.17.2005 ||>   I can see your rolling fields of green and fences made of stone

Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Like last year, I will avoid getting blind drunk, unlike my fellow Irish-Americans. I feel pretty good about it, actually.

When I was in the 7th or 8th grade I used to have know-it-all pissing contests with this one girl, Mary. Naturally, we both thought that we were better than the other which we proved each day at lunch by spouting off some random fact (usually wrong). This all came to a head one St. Patrick's Day when Mary said that the real color of the day was orange, not green. What makes this even more insane was that her family was Irish and they were really, really Catholic. (As an aside, her parents used to make a suitor kneel at the altar of the Virgin they set outside the door before the young man could pursue their oldest. No, I'm not kidding.)

I don't think I called her on it though. Poor, misguided Mary.

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3.16.2005 ||>   Blame it on the rain

When I went to my temp agency to get my pay check, I noticed that I wasn't getting paid properly. So I went back and asked them how much I was getting paid for my last job.

"$10 an hour."

Ok, so then why am I getting paid $235 for 26 hours? The girl looks at me for awhile and says, "No... that sounds about right."

But wouldn't 26 times $10 be $260? She looks at me again and her co-worker says, "Yes, it would be, wouldn't it? We'll give you the back pay next week."

Oh dear.

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3.15.2005 ||>   Why is "google" a verb?

I always like to see the search phrases that people use to get to my site. Some of them are mundane (like "buffy porn"), but some of them are rather interesting. Occasionally, there's a question and Google hopes that my site has the answer. Usually I don't have the answer, but I'll try anyway.

"what does 'uisce bheatha' mean?" Well, it's Irish for "water of life." Its more common name is "whiskey." Yes, the Irish are strange.

"fifteen pounds heavier" No, it's only ten pounds, thank you very much! And it's not even my fault. As soon as I got off the plane in Detroit, those pounds just attached themselves to me.

"shit I quit the peace corps now I don't know what to do" Well, get a job. And if you can't get a job, go to school. It provides a nice excuse for not working and everyone romanticizes the poor student thing, so you're sure to get laid at least.

"make buffy fakes" Plenty of those out there, but probably less now that the show's off the air. But you can get your own with a good bootleg copy of Photoshop and a magazine.

See, you learn something new every day! Glad I could be of help.

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3.14.2005 ||>   Life is beautiful

pretty flowers

The other week I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show, which was pretty awesome. Considering that Philly has been having some freakishly cold weather, seeing all that color really brightened up everyone's spirits.

My cousin was also working there, setting up an exhibit for his landscaping company and I must say his exhibit was one of my favorites. Many of the exhibits had a sort of fairy-tale aura to them, and his was definitely "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Unfortunately, the lighting was pretty bad for picture taking and all my pictures turned out like crap. But my uncle has allowed me to use some shots he took on his vastly superior digital camera. The rest of the shots are in my stock photography section, and I'll be getting some more shots of Philadelphia pretty soon.

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3.13.2005 ||>   I'm under your spell

There's this great site that I found thanks to ms. frizzle. Post Secret is an art project where people send in post cards with a secret they've never told anyone else on it. I find it absolutely fascinating. Every Sunday I've been checking to see what's new. My favorite so far is, "Sometimes I still keep one eye open after I've supposedly gone to sleep just in case my stuffed animals come to life."

Although really, who doesn't do that? Er... I mean, isn't that crazy?

I also added new links to my side bar. If no one has been to them before and you want to see some stuff done by pretty good writers, check them out. Apparently, I've got enough motivation to do that, but not enough to email Jenah and get her new "secret" site. Even though I want it.

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