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4.09.2005 ||>   Face to face

Another reason why 5 o'clock shadows are not sexy:

A girl could theoretically get into a heavy makeout session with a stubbly guy. Then, the next morning, she'll notice tiny blood pinpricks on her chin. His face exfoliated her skin off.

I'm just saying it could happen...

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4.08.2005 ||>   Push it

I'm ending a job this week and my agency just told me that they want to keep me. They're willing to send me to the city and all that, and put me to work, but...
apartment = 900 per month
utilities = 250 per month
groceries = 300 per month
entertainment = 250 per month
transport = 250 per month
miscellaneous = 300 per month
Then there's health, dental, and optical. Right now, I'm only making about $11 an hour and only working 29 hours a week. It's not too much more, but I would have to get a raise and work more hours. Not that I have any intention of pushing it (or obviously being greedy), but I wonder how far they could go to really keep me.

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4.07.2005 ||>   Nobody has to guess that Baby can't be blessed

On Christmas Eve, my sister gave birth to a 9 pound, 10 ounce baby. We all thought that while she was born rather large, she wouldn't stay that way. Fate is proving us wrong as my beautiful neice is now about the size of a six month old, which is about double the size of her actual three months. It's a bit scary, really. At six months, will she look like a one year old?

I wonder about her future as the Biggest Baby I Have Ever Seen. I imagine her towering over her classmates in school and the anguish she will feel. How she will get a lucrative basketball contract with the WNBA and laugh at all the people who bullied her in the past. She will be a generous person, especially to her Aunt Sepra who loves her very much. She will use her millions to give me a mercedes when I turn 60.

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4.06.2005 ||>   I don't even want to be with myself anymore

There are some things in life that people just take for granted. Although we are all individuals, we do have experiences that are common within the human condition. Most of us, for example, hated middle school. Even those beautiful, popular people we thought we saw in seventh or eighth grade were really geeky losers just like us. Otherwise, God has punished them significantly and now they are living in a single-wide with their 15 children. You know, the way the world should be.

Well, the other day my world was shifted when I found out that a dear friend of mine missed out on a significant part of his childhood. Namely, he never looked at himself in the mirror with the express intent of practicing facial expressions. Yes, it's true. His scowl, his grin and the other two variations of such have never been painstakingly put together by the 13 year old version of himself.

I was so appalled, in fact, that I immediately called another friend and we both assured ourselves that he was the weird one. The tyranny of the majority does have its uses after all. Besides, how do you perfect the smirk or the proper glare without hours of hard work and detailed tweaking?

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4.05.2005 ||>   You'll be dumb with wonderment


Sepra is checking her email when a link pops on her computer. She clicks on it and a new site pops up. A picture of a beautiful strawberry scone fills the screen.

SEPRA: ooohh... a new food blog. It looks so tasty. And the posts are all in a very original screenplay format!

She clicks through all the pages and drool forms a puddle next to the keyboard.

SEPRA: I think I just found a new site to link to. Can I please have a new kitchen to try these recipes out in? Please, God?
(pauses) And, uh, where did my fourth wall go?

Great new site, I'm already a fan.

Sepra was livin' easy on 12:28:00 AM || Site Feed ||

4.04.2005 ||>   Fairy Tale, pt 2

Our princess, who once upon a time sought adventure and evil spells in far away lands, finally came home to share the wealth and breadth of her knowledge. Being a know-it-all, she was pretty good at this. She regaled the royal courtesans with tales of the lands Before Time and the Lost World, and all were encouragingly impressed.

One frosty evening, our princess spied a lord struggling in the biting wind and helped him home. In the dim lamplight, she finally recognized him as a hawkish lord who was constantly at war with his rivals at court. He was in trouble, frostbitten all over, so she took him in her home and set him by the fire. When he regained conciousness, he realized he was in the den of someone who disagreed with his harsh stances. The princess was also wary and made him promise to not go against her in return for taking care of him.

He agreed and the days passed and finally he regained his full strength. The princess was in court one day on behalf of a treaty with the neighboring kingdom. After years of struggle, they were on the brink of peace. Suddenly, the lord walked in and declared a duel with the ambassador. The diplomat, deeply offended, left the building after tearing up the treaty.

The princess turned to the lord and said, "I took you in when you had no one else. Why did you destroy the alliance I worked so hard for?"
The lord replied, "Silly girl, you knew who I was when you took me in. Did you expect that by curing me I would change my views?"

Sepra was livin' easy on 12:27:00 AM || Site Feed ||

4.03.2005 ||>   Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home

Today was a sad day for more than one billion people in the world as news of the Pope's death came through the news circuits. I was reminded of the time when, in college, a militantly secular classmate complained that the Pope was obsolete and didn't mean anything to the world. I think the mourners pouring in would say something different. While I didn't agree with the doctrine (like contraception and gay issues), sparking the Solidarity movement and helping to end apartheid were both large achievements that really set him apart from other world leaders.

A couple of weeks ago as the Pope underwent a tracheotomy, the news agencies were hysterically trying to drum up support for his resignation. "What if he's in a coma? What will happen? Should he resign??" Interestingly enough, nothing like that occurred. He passed relatively well and the church will go on. I fervently hope, however, that the same reporters who kicked a dying man while he was down with their moronic resignation talk eat the crow that they so richly deserve. It probably won't happen, but there's always the thought.

For my entire life there has only been one Pope. While I'm certainly not Catholic, I join those who are in mourning though I wish that the next Pope be another John XXIII.

Sepra was livin' easy on 12:47:00 AM || Site Feed ||