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4.29.2005 ||>   And isn't it ironic?

Naturally, two days after I get depressed and write this post about how my life is going to hell because I don't have a job, I actually get a job.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

It's a sales job that has a livable base pay (and I would get commission on top of that), is close to public transportation, and is pretty straight forward. It's also not at a big place, so I won't feel like a sell-out. Also, the sales experience will tie into my resume and make it look more like I have a pattern in my career. Which could help me get an MBA later on.

I immediately did the happy-job-dance which is not dissimilar to the happy dance. Now I get to go apartment hunting. And isn't shopping more fun anyway?

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4.27.2005 ||>   Too much of anything is not good for you, baby

The Montblanc pen is a pen with attitude. CEOs of major corporations swallow the high price (in the hundreds) just for bragging rights. They will pull it out to sign major documents or just to make a statement and raise some eyebrows in the boardroom. They really serve no other purpose, the pen exists only to give its owner an aura of class. If someone can spend more that a hundred dollars on a pen, they mean business.

Yesterday I went in for an interview at an insurance company. As the recruiter pulled out some brochures to show me, he also put his pen on the table. I didn't notice the star until he began to use it as a pointer. He pointed to some items on the brochure and my eyes finally locked on it, unable to believe that he was giving an interview with a Montblanc. I raised my eyebrows slightly at him and he noticed that I noticed. He smirked a bit, as if to say, "Why yes, it certainly is." I felt like I had somehow lost a subtle pissing contest.

Or maybe he just appreciated my refined taste.

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4.26.2005 ||>   Oh but ainít that america for you and me

I have these thoughts all the time that go in a vicious circle that always ends in: "If only I had a job."

If I had a job, I could afford new glasses (which I definitely need).
If I had a job, I could have an apartment and my own heater and I wouldn't be so cold.
If I had a job, I would lose weight because I wouldn't be surrounded by temptation.
If I had a job, I wouldn't feel so worthless.

Then in moments of sanity I remember that the job won't make my life this wonderful, perfect thing. It's difficult sometimes to break the mantra though.

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4.25.2005 ||>   It was the heat of the moment, telling you what your heart felt

Because I now have a laptop with a wireless hookup to the cable modem, I have been doing most of my work in the dining room. Which means that every morning, I have my virtuous 1 cup of Cheerios with a banana and half cup of strawberries. Then I begin to work and after a couple of hours, my uncle's mother comes down and has her jelly doughnut. I pretend to work while stealing glances as I think to myself:

I really want a jelly doughnut.

I admire the fact that, at the age of ninety, she can still scarf down all the junk I deny myself. She is always having that cheesy spinach dip, the doughnuts every morning, and those six dollar burgers that some grown men can't even finish. All the while, she eschews what she doesn't like because of her "gall bladder problems" which are real, but continue to be convenient.

I don't particularly aspire to be the kind of person who eats junk all the time without anything bad ever happenning. I really like fruits and vegetables, and I enjoy walking and feeling healthy. I also think that junk is, well, junky. But every once in awhile it would be nice to binge on a good quality donut.

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4.24.2005 ||>   We're so glad you could attend, step inside, step inside

We've been having a garage sale today and yesterday all throughout the "community" that I live in. Of course, I rummaged around in my aunt's stuff before she ever put anything out, and was surprised at some of the stuff she was giving away.

1. A bracelet from Amsterdam in 1975. Very vintage and even though I don't wear jewelry is too good to pass up.
2. Harry Mason earrings that had corkscrew-shaped backs. I have never seen anything like them and they were very pretty.
3. A vacuum cleaner for when I move out.
4. A scanner they just happened to have "lying around the house".

Then, because I couldn't help myself, I trolled around the neighborhood and bought some kitchen stuff and a nice present for one of my friends. I forgot how nice garage sales are.

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