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5.13.2005 ||>  

Ah, Friday. The last day of my first working week, the last day of living with my relatives. The first day of the rest of my life.

It appears at work, that on Fridays we can leave an hour early. Maybe with all this free time that I'll have I can be a good blogger in between packing.

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5.09.2005 ||>   What do you want to do with your life? I want to rock!

The princess, after traveling many kingdoms far and wide, came back home. Unlike the many courtesans however, she needed to find work after her diplomatic days were put to an end by the king. So she scoured the land for the perfect cottage in a pretty village and a nice cobbler to while away the time with.

On her first day of cobbling, she had to sit and learn the tricks of the trade. This became difficult in the afternoon as she almost fell asleep in front of him! But she persevered and thanks to the royal welcome she received (donuts and coffee), she was able to perk up and finish the grueling task of sitting around and watching other people do the work.

As the day grew long, she left the cobbler's hut with a light heart. But it was her first day going through the forest to get the public carriage and she became lost. Just then, her boss came by in a gilded chariot and drove her to the right spot. She leapt aboard the last carriage just in time and was carried home by a jolly old elf while a very helpful villager entertained her on the way.

Unfortunately, her knight was away slaying dragons in the Land of Mary, so no snuggles. But a good day, overall.
The End.

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5.08.2005 ||>   Nothing old, something new

I'm not a big fan of Ikea furniture. Yes, it looks very modern and it's very cheap, but my problem with it is that the closer you look, the cheaper it looks. Something that looks like wood from far away is revealed to be nothing more than particleboard. Since I have been back, I haven't been too quiet about my opinion either. Which is why everyone is getting a nice laugh at my expense because I just bought an apartment full of Ikea furniture.

The sad truth is, that until I make my first million, I will have to resign myself to not getting the $2000 bed made from real wood. And that for my needs, Ikea is truly the best buy. For example, my couch and mattress cost about the same as my kitchen table and chairs, the bed, the nightstand, the bookshelves and the TV stand combined. Now it's off to Kmart for my other supplies...

I also wonder if my bank account will ever recover.

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