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7.26.2005 ||>   Another reason to only watch the Daily Show

I've never been interested in those "political shows" done by 24 hour news networks. Whether they're conservative or liberal, they're all rather dumb. As someone with a degree in political science, it irks me that they bring in reporters to analyze situations, or even better, "experts" without giving any credentials to the "expert." Journalists have degrees in journalism, (or perhaps English) and judging by the state of the news, they're not even using the degrees they have, so how do they become political analysts?

Anyway, I was really bored the other day and I was flipping through channels when I came across a show on MSNBC. In it, the anchor was talking with a guest from the Center for American Progress about the new subway searches in New York. The standard is that racial profiling will not be used. She was asking why not? If we're looking for terrorists, wouldn't it be better use of funding to just target Muslims? The guy made different arguments about common decency, how racial profiling doesn't work, and was generally a bit appalled by her pecking at him about how wonderful racial profiling should be. She reminded me a bit of the birds in that Hitchcock movie. Peck, peck, let's draw some blood.

Silly wasp, if you want to be racist, go to France (see, I can use that argument too!) if you don't like the way things work here. We don't like racists. All it takes is one crazy guy who wasn't searched to bomb the subway to make all of you look like the jerks you are. I say search the old people, search the young, and most of all, search that chick every time she wants to go somewhere.

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