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9.16.2005 ||>   I need to get some hijinks in somewhere

So first a little about my work: part of it involves spamming many people in the healthcare community. I send out mass faxes and emails. Yep, that annoying person who emails a flyer to you at work is me. So be nice.

In any case, I have been surfing and lurking on's message board all week long. Part of what the Firefly/Serenity fans like to do is convince people to go to the movie through grassroots marketing strategies. One of the ideas was to put a mention of the movie in your signature at work and see if anyone asks. Right after I did this, I prepared one of the aforementioned flyers. I put my signature in, and forgot to take the mention out.

So now about 230 health reps have a flyer with: Serenity is coming. 09/30/05 on it.

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9.14.2005 ||>   Burnt to the core but not broken

The other day, stuff went down at work and although I made more money (for myself and the company) that pay period than any other, I was "moved into another department." A department where they didn't exactly cut my pay, but still showed how little they appreciate me. And while I have been looking for something else for awhile now, here's the thing: it doesn't matter.

At my last job, the main worry was, "Are we making a difference?" Some, of course, said 'no' while the majority of us said 'yes'. The difference here is that it's not even a question. Nothing I'm doing now matters, except to make money for my already rich boss. To fill already stuffed pockets. It would be different if I was happy with this or having fun, but I'm clearly not.

Two years ago, I was a functioning part of society. I was helping to save the world, or at least make my piece a better place. Even at my lowest point (and boy, was that low), I knew what I was doing was good and right. Now I'm no more important than dust motes floating in space. But I will come together, and those dust motes will once again form a star.

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9.11.2005 ||>   There's no place I can be since I found Serenity

I just finished watching Firefly today, after a marathon session of the DVDs that Kel sent to me for my birthday. It is unequivocally the best thing I've seen on television since Angel ended. Actually, it's better than most seasons of Angel as well. Which is funny, because at first, I did not support the idea of the show at all. I love Joss and think everything he touches is gold, but... a sci-fi western? Plus, Nathan Fillion (who plays Mal Reynolds) creeped me out when he played the sadistic priest Caleb on Buffy. I wasn't sure I wanted to watch him after that. Of course, now I think he's very, very hot. But on Buffy, he had this uncanny resemblance to Cary, my ex, and I had a problem dealing.

Now I can't find a way to stop watching. This weekend, I've gone through every episode, most of the commentaries (all 5000 of them) and I have started watching the eps again. Turns out that my favorite episodes never aired anyway, so I'm glad I took the time to focus on them now. Not since Buffy's season two have I been this compelled to watch a show over and over again.

Clearly I'm going to be front and center for when Serenity comes to theatres on Sept. 30.

plugging for the awesome screencaps

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