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10.06.2005 ||>   As if I needed another reason to love Nathan Fillion

So funny.

Sepra was livin' easy on 1:09:00 PM || Site Feed ||

10.05.2005 ||>   Surprised expletive goes here

I'm low on sleep, low on caffeine, but oh my god, we have managed to raise over $3000 for this ad that I thought up the day before yesterday. We are a day away from our money, two days from our art and I'm going to force consensus on the writing if it kills me.

How did this happen? And so quickly? My head is spinning, I can't think of anything else.

Sepra was livin' easy on 7:28:00 AM || Site Feed ||

10.04.2005 ||>   The road to hell... paved with the sweat of my brow

So yesterday morning I was bored at work and so I posted to the browncoats board an off-the-cuff idea about placing a thank you in Variety Magazine's weekend edition to Joss, Tim, Universal and crew for Serenity. I was hoping to spread the word about the movie a little more, but also to do something warm and fuzzy and nice to show appreciation. I cannot say enough that this was a rather unoriginal, spur of the moment idea that I completely expected to get shot down.

But it didn't. People said "hey, I'll give $10" and so I called Variety thinking that it would be too expensive (the other mags were). The sales rep, Gina, gave me some steep discounts. I can't remember too much after that because Monday flew by in a whirlwind of emails and posts from people who wanted to help/get on board/donate. Of course, it wasn't until we had already collected about $700 that the armchair critics raised their heads, sniffed the air and gave their valid (for the most part) criticisms, and not-so-valid (occasional) potshots.

We now have $1915, which is 48% of the $3920 needed by Friday. If we don't raise enough, then we will give it all back.

I have to get to work, so this post is coming to an end, as well as all the thoughts that were collecting this morning. Except to say that I'm sure that Kel is probably laughing right now because not 3 weeks ago I insisted that I would never go onto a posting board again.


Sepra was livin' easy on 7:30:00 AM || Site Feed ||

10.03.2005 ||>   Woah. Good movie.

On Friday, I went to see Serenity. I was spoiled previously because an irate fan posted spoilery stuff on a non-spoiler board, so I knew almost all the major plot points. I think it might have mattered a bit, but apparently not too much as I went to see it again on Saturday.

I'm sure you have all read what the movie is about, but I'll recap it anyway: 500 years in the future, a small group of rebels floats on the outskirts between civilization and anarchy. Led by Captain Mal Reynolds, they take any job they can and don't ask too many questions. However, when they take on brother and sister fugitives that the government wants, it forces them to choose whether or not they should take a stand.

Liked for the most part by critics, the big debate is whether or not this movie will be the next Star Wars. If by asking that question, they mean the first ones that came out and started a huge fanbase with just plain, good storytelling, then I would say it's already halfway there. Right now, sci-fi fans think they've seen everything, and with any other movie, I would say that's true. However, this movie starts and ends with the fans, something that's obvious throughout the movie. I laughed, I got choked up and I was cringing with suspense on even the second viewing. It's not too many movies that can make me feel something after. But Serenity got me.

Those of you reading this may be thinking that you expected me to love this movie. I certainly did. But I would not have seen this movie twice had I felt indifferent or angry with it. Nor would I continue to promote it on my site. If you haven't seen it, you are missing out.

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