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11.02.2005 ||>   It's like I should have been goth, but never got the chance

Last Friday on the way to the bank, I stopped into this little holiday shop that sells mostly Christmas stuff, but also cute Halloween items. Halloween being my favorite holiday, I had to go inside and see what the displays looked like. The owner had something that I've never seen before: Halloween trees!

Halloween trees apparently are just a plastic fake Christmas tree thingy, except they paint it black and hang spooky ornaments from it. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or what, but my inner Martha Stewart rose her jail-bird head and I suddenly found myself wanting my very own Halloween tree. Unfortunately, it's a little too late for that sort of thing, but next year I am going to have the bestest Halloween decorations in all the land!

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10.31.2005 ||>   On Halloween, I always think of my dad.

There's a time of night that we all like
It's a power time when the clocks do strike
A time when we shall great delight
It's the witchin' hour of midnight.

When the moon is full and the bonfire's high
We can leave the ground and touch the sky
In a deepened dance we can almost fly
'Cause it's witchin', the witchin', the witchin' hour.

We can't stop dancin', we're flyin' high
And the cone of power is goin' wild
We send our chantin' to the sea
Our spell is for us to be free.

Oh, the sorcerer's art is for the fey
For they knew how to get that way
It is for them that we do stay
At the witchin', the witchin', the witchin' hour.

Well, it may be right and it may be wrong
But it's what I'm doin' my whole life long
sometimes I'm weak and it makes me strong
It's the witchin', the witchin', the witchin' hour.

Song "The Witchin' Hour" performed by Kiva.
Lyrics by Ariana, which I may have inaccurately transcribed.
Happy Samhain everyone!

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