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11.22.2005 ||>   Pre-thanksgiving Cheers and Jeers

Trite as the rhyming duo sound, I've been enjoying the Daily Kos' daily Cheers and Jeers so much that I've starting adding some of my own in my head. Now's as good a time as any to get them down so I can be embarrassed later for posterity.

Cheers: to my new job letting me off at 3pm on Wednesday. Not that I would mind working later there, but it does give me time to run errands before dark.
Jeers: to myself for making one of my errands to vacuum my carpet. It's been a month since I started thinking about getting the vacuum out!

Cheers: I think that after 3 really hard (read: snowy) winters, that I'm finally getting my winter skin. It's hardly bothering me that it's freezing outside right now. 40 degrees? I can do it! (pleasegod makeitstop...)
Jeers: To the weather report for tonight. Snow? In November? I feel like my past lives are rearing up and serving me a dish full of karma not paid for yet.

Cheers: Getting emails this week from almost all my favorite people. Yuliya, Dara, Tal, Kelly, and Nathan and Nikhil commented. I know that if I was a better emailer, that this could happen more often. Sigh.
Jeers: I'm a shitty emailer.

Cheers:I have kept to my new diet all week long and have had no more than 1200 calories per day since I started.
Jeers: To the fact that I have to diet, that I only started this week because I had to finish off the pumpkin pie last week, and that all my good intentions will all be ruined come Thursday. Oh, and I won't be making my homemade egg nog this year despite its yummy, fatty goodness because of the diet. Say it with me: awwwww.

Since people are popping up and commenting as of late, perhaps you could also tell me your cheers and jeers? Or am I turning too much into Oprah?

Sepra was livin' easy on 9:04:00 PM || Site Feed ||

11.21.2005 ||>   Monday thought brought to you by morning radio

The morning guys on my radio station today were talking about Flint, Michigan's crime rate. Then the one morning guy said, "You can hate him if you want, but Michael Moore does a good job when it comes to reporting on Flint's problems."

It got me to thinking. Except for one person, I do not know of anybody who watched Bowling for Columbine or Fahrenheit 9/11 and dislikes Michael Moore. While occasionally farfetched, I think he brings up pretty valid points about the way that we Americans live our lives.

Usually, it's the people who were indoctrinated by Republican spin and didn't actually see the stuff for themselves that have the most problems with Moore and call him a liar. Besides, most of the damning evidence was just the clips he shows with no commentary. Which is possibly why there was a smear campaign in the first place.

Sepra was livin' easy on 7:25:00 AM || Site Feed ||