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12.13.2005 ||>   In defense of strippers

Yep, that's my title. I have had lots of posts percolating for awhile, but one subject tonight has made me angry enough to sit down and write.

Tony writes
Apparently what happened was some freshmen wanted to celebrate their buddy's birthday by hiring a stripper, but they realized they had very little cash and they didnt know any strippers.

One of their friends said, no problem bros, theres some girls down the hall who strip on the side.

And sure enough they DID strip on the side and they marched down the hall and did a nice bump and grind for the boys for allegedly $40 (canadian). This was in October and all would have been a fine little tale if it hadnt been for a few dozen pictures that were snapped...
So I did what any curious person would do and went over to see what all the fuss was about. To be honest, the pictures weren't anything you couldn't see on a million webcam sites all over the internet. Or in any college dorm for that matter. But what did get under my skin was the comments about the girl.
mom: 12/13/2005 6:00 AM
i hope that your mothers see you. buncha tramps.
Ashley: 12/13/2005 8:56 AM
I hope she gets beats when she gets home, then again... her dad probably taps that ass on a regular. DIRTY WHORE!!!
BachelorPartyGuy: 12/13/2005 9:12 AM
boyz of Western, today you became men. the fact that the faculty can't do shit makes it that much better. remember: under evey hot girl is a whore waiting to be unleashed. It's your duty to unleash the whore. good work.
jenn: 12/13/2005 9:14 AM
Although it is funny to look at these girls who are willing to portray themselves as total whores, and that's there choice ( guy who's ex it is.. be glad you got her before the STD's came calling) but its not so funny for the rest of the girls that are going to have that image and expectation pushed on them. It's about choice and representation.
I would like to point out that out of the four most vile quotes I could find, three of them were written by women. It wasn't men (for the most part) calling them tramps, sluts and whores, it was women. Women, who I might point out, went to site where they would find other women stripping to put judgement on them.

The ironic thing is, that I remember college. Freshman year is always the craziest because two thirds of the population has finally been let off the leash and are going wild. I saw some pretty bad behavior that year from both girls and guys and despite the grossness of it all, I never judged any of them. Never thought of the girls as sluts for playing strip poker with Marines, never judged the guys for cutting a swath through the dorms one floor at a time. People shouldn't be judged for whether or not they have consensual sex, strip on a lark, or do other stupid things. On the other hand, they should be judged for hypocrisy, sexism and overall being an asshat. Which, in my opinion, the people above all are.

To the women who posted calling this girl all sorts of awful things: it isn't the stripper that is setting back the women's movement 50 years, it's you. You say that women should be able to do anything. Then you go and make assumptions about a stripper's character without a mention at the tackiness and tastelessness of the young men who "hired" her. You say that somehow she deserves the horror of incest or to have her mother watch it and judge her. Double standard much? Shame on you.

To the men who were talking shit: you are hypocrites who probably still haven't cleaned up your keyboard because it would extend some effort. It doesn't bother me that you like women or looking at them. But don't disrespect a girl for doing something that you're too chickenshit to do: having fun. Get a life and stop treating us like pieces of meat.

... And I'm done.

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