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2.04.2006 ||>   Women are from Venus and AskMen are from Uranus

So I went over to Deanna's site this morning and I saw this post which is a response to's "Annoying Things Women Do" by Shawn Croft. Deanna was pretty civilized, so I wanted to add my two cents: Fuck Shawn Croft and Maybe that was one cent, I don't know. (Are four letter words 1 cent words?)

The site's top ten most annoying things are:

10. Pretend to be virtuous
9. Criticize other women
8. Act jealous
7. Become needy
6. Speak in code
5. Invade our personal space
4. Become too emotional
3. Shop till they drop
2. Talk incessantly
1. Use sex as a weapon

Looking at this list, I can't help but think that the editors got together in a room and asked each other, "Gosh, what are the most retarded stereotypes that we can come up with? Ok, we'll use those!" But I do have a question: so, what kind of woman does Shawn want then? A whore that doesn't speak too much, only has one outfit and no emotion? It's a good thing that we had that whole women's movement then. Trying to prove to men that we are human beings with our own wants and needs and not a screwable dishwasher clearly went a long way.

Clearly no men are ever guilty of talking too much or invading personal space or using sex as a weapon. Also, men are never jealous or needy. Just ask Othello.

Frankly, I would cry at the end of Pokemon the Movie if Pokemon got hurt and that little annoying kid was upset. I cry at the drop of a hat. A trait, I might add, I got from my father, not my mother. And sure, I criticize the hell out of women for the same reason I criticize men: when people are being shallow hypocrites, they deserve to get a strip ripped off them. Nothing more or less.

The point is that both women and men are human beings, with all the virtues and faults that we find on this mortal coil. We work, we shop, we sneeze, and we mis-quote old Buffy episodes. Well, at least I do. This article serves no other purpose but to steal these individual faults and foibles away from us while at the same time painting all women with the same brush. It's dehumanizing, and no one should put up with that.

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1.31.2006 ||>   Sometimes I scare even myself

From the WHO:
The Ministry of Health in Iraq has confirmed the country’s first case of human infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus. The case occurred in a 15-year-old girl who died on 17 January following a severe respiratory illness. Her symptoms were compatible with a diagnosis of H5N1 avian influenza.

The girl’s 39-year-old uncle, who cared for her during her illness, developed symptoms on 24 January and died of a severe respiratory disease on 27 January.

A history of exposure to diseased birds has been found for the girl. The uncle’s source of infection is under investigation.

The Ministry of Health has further informed WHO of a third human case of respiratory illness that is under investigation for possible H5N1 infection. The patient is a 54-year-old woman, from the same area, who was hospitalized on 18 January.

Iraq is the seventh country to report human H5N1 infection in the current outbreak. The first human case occurred in Viet Nam in December 2003.
When I first heard about the bird flu, I was extremely skeptical. Remembering how we were all going to die of SARS, I chalked it up to media hysteria over something that's never going to happen.

I have studied it since I started this job and I believe now that it will happen. That this version of flu attacks and kills children (who are last on the government list for vaccines) is especially troubling because it means not they are safe. It will attack all of us equally and there is no best way to be prepared. Stocking up on water and wrapping your house in saran wrap will not prevent it.

And it looks like now that if it were to mutate during its holiday in Iraq, our soldiers will be bringing it home to us. Like they didn't have enough to worry about.

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