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4.11.2006 ||>   Second sick day - what can I do?

I am a bad sick person. When I was a kid, I hated missing a day of school, which meant being forced to watch the dregs of daytime tv and having double homework. Now that I'm an adult with a job I really like, it's even harder. I want to get better, but I am bored out of my skull with nothing that I can reasonably do. It's not that I can't sit on my ass and type - because that's what I'm doing now. It's the whole getting to work thing when I can't breathe and being forced to walk from copier to fax to computer all day long.

Plus, the doctor's office has not gotten back to me as to what it is that I have. I called yesterday and I called today to get some answers, but there's nothing. I know that I no longer have bronchitis. I know that I do not have pneumonia. I do not know if there was anything in my chest x-ray or in my blood work. What if I have whooping cough (a possibility)? What if I have some blockage? I have no choice but to go to work tomorrow (one coworker on vacation and another with a slipped disk does not an efficient office make with just my boss at the helm). And I want to go back to work, but it's so hard without knowing what I have, what if going in throws me back?

The real gem in all of this is the guy that got me sick in the first place, my boyfriend. He has been so sweet. He took me to the doctor yesterday, made sure that I have been getting my meds and when I was bored out of my skull, took me to IKEA on Saturday and bought me lunch. He also washed my dishes (read: loaded my dishwasher) and made sure that I wasn't going to drive myself crazy with all this incredibly boring resting. So that is a big bright spot. It would have been nice if he hadn't given me bronchitis in the first place, but what can I do?

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4.10.2006 ||>   They call me "half pint" because that's how much I can breathe

So, according to David's comment in my last post, he's bored looking at my March 16 entry. Well, so am I. So here's what I propose:

1. He can fix my wireless router so I wouldn't have to fit in blogging time to fit my working time. Because my wireless router doesn't want to connect to my computer and I don't want to surf from bed.

2. He can offer me a lung. You see, for the past two and a half weeks, I have been sick. First, it was the bronchitis, but then that wasn't good enough, so my lung decided to swell up and make it so I only have 50% lung capacity. After 5 more days on steroids, I still feel like I'm having a low grade asthma attack and can't walk and talk without a coughing fit.

So, David, which door is it going to be? Please say "lung." I really need one.

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