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6.10.2006 ||>   World Cup, Day 2 Group B

Yesterday Ecuador beat Poland 2 to 0. My instincts were right! We were at happy hour and forced the bartender to let us catch the final numbers. The game that just finished was between England and Paraguay. England won 1 to 0, the only point being scored by Beckham. So does that mean that the hooliganism will go up or down with the fans? Paraguay isn't totally out of the cup with the one point differential, but they have to get it together soon.

The next game will be between Trinidad and Tobago and Sweden beginning at noon, and in between moving to my new apartment, we will hopefully be able to watch it.

Last, isn't it awful that the USA is in the same group as Italy and the Czech Republic? Ghana doesn't concern me as much for obvious reasons, but I have to agree that there is no way we are beating the Czechs. Those Germans did that placement on purpose. Jerks.

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6.09.2006 ||>   World Cup, Day 1, Group A

Germany beats Costa Rica 4-2 today. I'm at work, so missed the fine melodramatic acting from both those teams. Poland vs Ecuador start in an hour and I'll have an update even before we leave for Happy Hour. (Don't you love how soccer always lasts no more than 90 minutes?)

At first, I was going to root for Poland, but I'm not so sure anymore - I'd like to support our fellow Americanos... until they play the USA.

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||>   6 Weeks

Has it really been that long since I've blogged? I've blogged plenty in my head, but without paper and pencil to record my typically inane thought patterns, that's apparently where it has stayed. In the past 6 weeks, I have:
I will be posting images of Florida soon I hope. In the meantime, what have you been up to?

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