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7.13.2006 ||>   More boring news

On 13 July 2006, Israel reportedly continued its air attacks on the Gaza Strip with a powerful missile strike on the Palestinian foreign ministry in Gaza City, wounding 10 people and causing heavy damage to the recently renovated five-story building, the neighboring finance ministry and 15 other nearby houses. The strike comes a day after other Israeli operations killed 23 Palestinians, making it the deadliest day since the assault began two weeks ago. A total of 75 Palestinians have been killed since Israel launched a massive air and ground offensive on Gaza in a bid to release a teenage soldier captured by militants on 25 June and end rocket attacks. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has slammed the deadly and ongoing air strikes as "total aggression" and called on the international community and the Middle East quartet to intervene immediately to ease the crisis. Meanwhile, the armed wing of the governing Palestinian movement Hamas, which claimed joint responsibility for the capture of the soldier, has vowed a "strong and painful" response for the increasing death toll. Aid groups, on the other hand, have expressed concern about the difficulty of providing assistance to 1.4 million people living in the impoverished Gaza Strip following months of financial crisis and the suspension of direct Western aid to the Hamas-led government.
On 13 July 2006, Israel reportedly launched an air, sea and land blockade on Lebanon. The Israel Defense Force bombed the runways of Beirut's International Airport, forcing the closure of the facility and the diversion of flights to other airports in the Middle East. Israel also sent warships into Lebanese waters to restrict access to the Lebanese ports of Saida, Tyre, Beirut and Tripoli. Israeli army radio announced that Israel is imposing the blockade until further orders as part of operations to retrieve its two soldiers captured by Hizballah on 12 July. Meanwhile, Israeli fighter-bombers struck a Shiite Muslim mosque in a village in the eastern Bekaa valley of Lebanon, as Hizballah guerillas fired 60 more Katyusha rockets at Nahariya in northern Israel, killing at least one person, while another rocket hit the town of Safed, wounding seven people. Israel has also warned that if the Hizballah attacks continue, there will be raids in Beirut's southern neighborhoods, which house many families of Hizballah leaders, including its chief, Hassan Nasrallah. The death toll from the air strikes in Lebanon is now estimated at more than 47 civilians in addition to at least 100 people who were wounded.
I know this is a complicated situation, with a lot of "Well, he started it" going around. But this is how I feel about it so far:
Kids, if you do not learn to behave, I am turning this car around, goddamnit!


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7.10.2006 ||>   Worst. Wedding. Reception. Ever.

I'm going to paraphrase my boyfriend here because I cannot express in words how horrible the wedding reception was that we went to the weekend before last. But my friend Bashi definitely deserved better than what she got! (Although I suppose having that green card makes up for it...)
So this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the worst wedding reception ever. The girlfriend and I drove to Pittsburgh early Sunday morning. We arrived 4 hours early, and only then did she remember that we had no gift. So we searched but couldn't find any suitable present and ended up with one that did not please her. Luckily, the reception was very close to the hotel and the shuttle service provided drove us. So I started off drinking at the hotel before leaving. I was not looking forward to the reception very much.

We arrived at the location, which was the 3rd floor of the Soldiers and Sailors Museum in Pittsburgh. It's an interesting building, and we managed to get a private tour of the building by a night guard later. Back at the party, I was thinking of the good part. I was surrounded by very interesting people from around the world. Some were very nice, others very unattractive, some scary. There where maybe 30 people total and 25 of the 30 were retired. I was the best looking man there which was nice for a change. The girlfriend and bride both agreed.

I was in hell at first. Then the bar and I became best friends. I drank 8 vodka drinks and was having a good time talking shit in my head and making friends with the wait staff. I was also enjoying watching the girlfriend with her old friend, the bride. They met while she was in the Peace Corps.

The reception was held in a building where Silence of the Lambs was filmed, no joke. I was drunk. The bride thought her husband was ugly and asked me to be in 3 way. My girlfriend and were wasted.

The trip home was fun. Girlfriend and I stopped at the flight 93 site in Shanksville, PA and took some really interesting pictures. We became slightly emotional and had to leave. Very powerful feelings came over me and I usually don't have that happen. We stopped on the way home and went into a flea market. Found some really cool Star Wars and ET drinking glasses that Burger King sold back in the 80's. My girlfriend found an original Battle Star Galactica thermos that I had to have. I am excited about that the most. We drove home down the old Lincoln Highway for a portion of the trip. Interesting road to travel. Many families were stopping on the road in the same places as us.

I have to say the trip was really fun. I could have done without the boringness of the reception. Thank you wait staff and vodka! I recommend seeing the flight 93 memorial. Stop off and buy something on the way back to the turnpike.

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