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9.14.2006 ||>   Only 5 shopping days left!

People always say that once you start getting older, and closer to 30, that you start hating your birthday. But I don't. I may not be looking forward to being 27 rather than 26, like I was when I was turning 21 or even 25, but I still get a little thrill at the day.

Of course, I take it to extremes. Like my insistence on wearing a Birthday Princess Tiara.

I love the time of my birthday as well. While I do like spring rather than autumn, September is a great month. Not too hot, not too cold. The perfect balance between aridity (is that a word) and humidity. The leaves are about to fall, but haven't yet, so while the air is pregnant with the potential for cold, it's not quite there. Plus, I have a lot of 9s in my birthdate, 4 in all, and for some reason I like that too.

I have also changed my wants in the last couple of years. Before, I always looked forward to getting things. Now, I look forward to doing things. When people ask me what I want, I usually say stuff like "I want to go to Germany for a vacation" or "I would like to be able to see a play or the ballet." Of course, more than anything else right now, I want radiator covers for my nasty, gross radiators, but apart from that I do want to be able to do stuff. It's difficult to put "Plane ticket to Arizona" on a birthday list.

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9.11.2006 ||>   5 years later and I have to ask:

Why are the President and the First Lady stepping all over my flag?

Oh, and... where the hell is Osama bin Laden?!


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