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My Fan Encounter ||>

Let me begin this article by saying that nothing cool ever happens to me. Ever. I sign up for raffles, and never win. I try and try to get picked for something cool and it always goes to some guy next to me. So to say that tonight was incredibly bizarre and cool is an understatement.

So I was sitting at my computer, working on a project for class when I decided to randomly flip on the TV to see how my WB connection is doing. Smallville was starting and I had never seen it, so I decided to although I usually don't watch anything other than Buffy or Angel.

Anyway, quite randomly, there was this commercial that let people know that the WB on tour show was coming to Tucson at this theatre downtown. Stars from the WB, including Alexis Denisof, would be there. At that point, all rational thought stopped. I was surprised mainly because Tucson usually gets the shaft for anything cool because Phoenix is so much bigger. But we're a college town, so I can see why they came here. Anyway, I immediately found out all the details and later that night, secured a friend to go with me. WB on tour...

Fast forward to tonight. I was so excited because this is the first time I had ever met a Buffy character. And Wesley is one of my favorites. I steeled myself for any embarassment, because unlike other people who try to be all cool and like "they're a separate person," I get overly gushy when meeting people I have only seen/ read from afar. I know I go overboard, it's just that I'm usually so excited.

Alexis sheds some fear and smiles Anyway, I went to the front of the stage and met up with some Buffy and Angel fans, who were incredibly cool. Alexis came out and we just screamed like 14 year old girls at a Bruce Springsteen concert. Or maybe not Bruce Springsteen anymore, but you get the idea. He sort of looked on us like "Oh god." but we just kept on yelling. And hey, we were the only fans it seemed, so we had to make up for it. Anyway, he was only on for a short time, to introduce a band that was pretty cool.

We rocked with the band. Then Alexis came back on and they selected people to go on stage (repeat: on stage) with the stars ("stars" = him) and do some crazy shit to earn money. Hey, I needed to pay the rent and the thought of being on stage was too cool to pass up. So I kept waving my hands around and it seemed like he was avoiding our section. But I caught his eye and said "Aw come on, you know you want to." That line never works by the way. He actually said, "I always want to," so I know he was hoping he'd survive the fandom. However, under the onslaught of peer pressure he relented and told me to go up. To be honest, I was surprised, but happy nevertheless.

Anyway, if anyone ever watched Double Dare as a kid, the contest would be like a physical challenge. The first thing the contestants would have to do is drink a pitcher (of 2 quarts I think) of this nasty drink. The drink was watered down condiments like tabasco sauce and other stuff. It was nasty, but I won it hands down. The guys were all like "Woah." To be honest, I almost threw it up, but I couldn't wimp out like that, I needed to stay on the stage with Alexis. Then we (the contestants narrowed down to 3 people) had to eat cloves of garlic. The Buffy fans told me to close my nose, so I did (thank god) and I guess I did okay. The other girl threw up that time, and so she was pretty much out of it, poor thing.

It was down to just me and this guy. The crew brought out razors: the last "test" was to shave your head the fastest. Sorry guys, but I just couldn't do it, not even to stay with Wesley. I just gave the announcer a look and set the razor down, with a comment about gender bias. So I lost the cash, which goes along with my "I never win anything" gig. However, I stood back and Alexis stood next to me and gave me a hug and told me I was a champ. Oh yeah, and "I'm glad you didn't cut your hair, it's really pretty." That made it worth it on so many levels! I got a hug :)

and my prize...
He presented me with this bag (which of course I instantly had him sign) and we chatted for awhile. I kept thinking he was a champ: after all, I had just had three or four cloves of garlic. I could smell myself well enough, so I know he should win a emmy just for being able to be near my garlicy self. But he was so cool with everyone and when I aked him if he was going to sign stuff for the Buffy fans below, he did with no problem. So he signed everyone's stuff and chatted, and took yet more pictures.

Anyway, normally, I'm disappointed when I meet celebrities (not because they're people - but because they seem to take it for granted that they're cooler than the fans). I totally was not disappointed. He seems totally cool. And hell, he's dating Alyson Hannigan (the queen of cool), so how could he not be? Me and Alexis :)
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