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"We don't have cable, so we make our own fun..."

In my time as a Buffy viewer, I have done some really nutty things to catch an episode. But, as it turns out, I am not the only one. Here are some really weird things that have happened to myself and others in order to catch a new (and sometimes, even old!) episode.

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I am a massage therapist and have my own business, but I also teach yoga at a gym. Sometimes they want me to come in on Tuesday nights, but I always tell them, "No way. I've got this really awesome client who comes in every Tuesday to get worked on, and she pays me a lot of money, so I can't EVER teach on Tuesday!" So far, so good... - Carri

"It was my birthday, and my family and I went to the zoo for the day. My parents and I were having tons of fun when I remembered that I forgot to tape Buffy! Then I started to cry even though it was a rerun on FX. I was extremely depressed for the rest of the day until my parents gave me Season 1 and 2 on DVD, Buffy posters, cd's, and books. Also, the episode I thought I had missed was on the next day, so I hadn't even had anything to cry about. SCORE!" - Christy

"I had an emergency call on a Monday that my mom was in the hospital. I rushed down there in no time, but then remembered that a brand new Angel was on that night. Needless to say, I had to borrow a stranger's cell phone and call a friend from the waiting area just to make sure she taped Angel for me! Thankfully I didn't miss the ep and everything worked out okay in the end." - Deadest Man In Deadonia

A couple things happened. First, I was in my living room watching Seeing Red and at the end, I actually stood up so fast that all the blood rushed to my head and I just lost all words and passed out for about 2 hours! It was scary that I actually passed out from all the shock. Then, at the very end of Grave, I screamed so loud that our next door neighbor came over wondering if I was ok. I jumped on him and told him enthusiastically what happened to Spike like a million times. Then I went to the Bronze and started freaking out with everyone else, 'cause you gotta admit... that was huge. - Julie

Every day I pass this place on my way home from school/work. It's some kind of dining place and they have one of those signs by the road where you place the letters in it. And the sign always says "buffet." And I'm always thinking, it's Buffy! - Lilly Rosenburg

While attending my sister's wedding rehearsal, I was getting impatient because I knew it was time for Buffy. Time kept ticking away, and I got more freaked. Then I had an idea. There was an electronics store next door, so I excused myself and ran next door. I paid $348 for a mini/portable TV and returned to the rehearsal. I stood in the position of Maid of Honor, but not without Buffy! - Ajae

I was grounded for a month and my only punishment was no Buffy. To get around it, I gave my best friend tapes to tape it for me. Well she was also taping Angel for me and I found out that one of my other "friends" had told her to not tape it because "That's stupid!" This was 2 years ago and I still don't talk to that evil girl for the missage of Buffy and Angel in my collection! - Amanda

During school, my sister was going away for a sport thing and my mother said I could come along (and miss school). This was supposed to be for two weeks, but it was on during the last couple of weeks of buffy and angel. So I said I was too busy at school. Basically, I missed out on a free vacation from school just so I could tape Buffy and Angel. I dont regret a thing! :) - Jessica

I was working the night Once More With Feeling was airing and when I realized that it was around eight, I flipped because Buffy was coming on so I ran across the street to a electronics store and begged one of the sales clerks to let me watch Buffy if I went on a date with him! We all do crazy thing fo The Buffster! - Dana

When I was watching the season six finale, my sister was sleeping on the couch right next to me, and I tried to wake her up beforehand to watch BtVS with me, but she was out. Halfway through the episode, I screamed so loud out of excitement, that I woke up my sister. Talk about a wake-up call! - Alyssa

I was watching one of the new episodes of buffy, [and] I loved seeing Willow so ultra powerful. I screamed "Willow is so hype!" so loud, and fell off my chair. My dad came into my room and was like "who are you talking to?" - Lil_Wytch

"I was at one of my friends house, and they wanted me to spend the night. I kept telling them I couldn't because I had to tape Buffy the following morning. We were going to go out the breakfast me and her whole family, and they couldn't go if I didn't. So we rearanged every little detail in all of the familys plans, just so I could see the ep and record it. I watched BTVS and I got free food. Life is good!! :)" - FutureSlayer

"I was at my grandparents house when I remembered that Buffy was on. My grandparents are not into the whole demons thing so I said that I had to go to the bathroom and I turned the tv on. Unfortunately, they took off upn and the wb from their tv because of angel and buffy so I couldn't watch it for the month!" - Carrie

"First ep. of season 3 Angel, I was dying to see Fred after the Fredless re-run portion of the year that had just passed, and I was going to miss it because I was foolishly miles from civilisation at the time. I used my mobile to call a friend to tape it for me who claimed he didnt have anything he could tape over. The only tape he had was a old home video which I convinced him to tape over for 250 dollars, and he did. I got to watch the episode eventually and was about to pay him, when his parents found out what he did. He got grounded for HALF A YEAR!" - Matt

I drank tabasco water and ate raw garlic to stay up on stage with an Angel cast member. - Sepra

It was the the season 4 finale (restless) and my family and I were going to go to Disney World. I faked sick and made the whole family stay home so I could watch it on a crappy portable t.v. with snow. But hey, Disney World can wait when Buffy's on... right? - princess raven waves

I was scheduled to work and it was a Tuseday... it was the one where Buffy and Angel make love, so I called work to say I was sick. They found out and yelled, but I said [they should've known]... I was taking about it days before. - Stephanie

One night, I was making out with my boyfriend on the couch when Buffy was on. Things were getting hot and heavy between us... then Buffy rejected Spike and I started screaming, "No you bitch, no!" Needless to say, I don't watch Buffy with my boyfriend anymore. - Spike's Lover

On the day of the season 5 premire, I noticed my vcr wasn't working right... So I ended up getting a new vcr just so I could tape buffy that night. - Angela

One Halloween, I agreed to take my 5 year old sis trick-or-treating. We were right in the middle ringing someone's doorbell, when I realized Buffy was on that night, I freaked out and I ran home. I realized after 3 blocks that I had left my sister behind! I ran back, grabbed her, and ran home to watch Buffy. My sister cried the entire time. - Sandy
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