Welcome to the Buffyverse's Wacky Love Shack. This version is called 'comic spectroscopy' beause  I wanted a new comical, rainbow-y hue.  So have fun with it!
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"A friend [of mine] invited me to go to the Bahamas with her and I made up this phony excuse that I had come down with the flu... there was a totally cool episode on that night and I didn't want to miss it even if it was worth turning down a trip to the Bahamas." - Amber

"Last Fourth of July I was outside watching the fireworks when I realized that it was a Tuesday and Buffy was on. I ran inside screaming "Oh my God, Buffy!" I locked myself in my room and wouldn't come out until Buffy and Angel were over. My Mom demanded an explanation, but calmed down when I explained. She acts the same way about Oprah." - Spike's Soul Slayer

"Back in season 3 I had to go to the hospital to get stitches in my finger and I freaked out on the car ride there because I was gonna miss Buffy. I wouldn't go into the hospital until my mom called my aunt to tape the episode. Then I got the stitches and made my parents drive to my aunt's to get the tape." - Buffytvssmg666
"It was my birthday and we were going to Carrowinds. I remembered Buffy was on and I had to get someone to tape it. I ran all the way to a pay phone and realized my money was in my purse [on a rollercoaster]. I had to get down on my hands and knees to peer under the soda machine for a quarter. The ground was so filthy I was covered in dirt but I found a quarter and called home. When I got home I didn't even take a shower, just ran and popped the tape in. It was worth it." - Ellen

"It was my birthday and there had been a HUGE snowstorm but my family and I decided to go out for our traditional birthday dinner... the car got stuck and it was a Tuesday with a brand new ep on. I walked all the way home with my mom and sister in sub-zero temperatures." - Kristyn

"Once I ran out in front of all my friends digging through the garbage because my mom threw out my buffy episode pack" - Spike_Luva

"I went on an exchange program to Costa Rica, and there was a gathering one night that we had to go to. I blew it off and stayed at my host's house to watch a Buffy rerun...and it was dubbed over in Spanish!!!" - Rachael

"[I ran] 8 blocks to the closest phone, in shorts and a t-shirt in subfreezing weather, in order to call my brother to make sure he was taping that nights ep. He had forgot all about it so it was all worth it.... once the feeling had returned to my fingers" - kelt

'I once stood a girlfriend up cause I forgot to set my video to tape Buffy that night.... needless to say the relationship was over when I gave her that excuse (even though she did know the depth of my obsession beforehand) oh well.... girls come and go but Buffy is forever......" - Ash411

"[I] paid around $15 to call my friend from an airplane to tape an episode when I realized I had forgotten to set my VCR before leaving on a trip...." - Sleigh

"I have looked through someone else's window outside their house to catch an ep, and it was in rerun. I was just so starved for it. I'm so glad a cop wasn't driving by!" - yours truly :)

"Not all that extreme, but I sent my parents to bed so I could watch Angel. See, we're one of those abnormal one-TV households, and they were settling back to watching some doco my Dad had taped on Aboriginal land rights, so I couldn't even rely on the (only) VCR!" - Natrad

"Last year, I was living at my sister's. I was using the modem. I couldn't wait to download the episodes so I did it anyway. One morning I picked up the phone and there was a message saying that the line is closed and the only number I could dial is the one of my telecom agency. When I phoned they told me that the current invoice was about $1200." - Comet

"When episode 7 of Buffy and Angel were airing last November, I was leaving for Vegas. I kept the car waiting outside while I watched the end of Buffy and the first few minutes of Angel to make sure the VCR was working. I almost missed my flight". - chetta

"I rearranged the roster at my work, took a pay cut and had to agree to fill in on three consecutive public holidays, just so I could be home Tuesday nights. (This was back in Season 3.)" - Rachel

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