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For The Honor of a Slayer ||>

SUMMARY: Angel comes back to Sunnydale to settle a score
DISCLAIMER: Same as my Disclaimer page.
FEEDBACK: Yes, please. I love criticism!
DISTRIBUTION: Ask and ye shall receive.

Buffy was sitting at the Bronze when the incredible happened. "Hi Buffy."

"Angel?" she asked questioningly.

"Yeah," he said, "I realized that I had to come see you… so I got into the car and drove. I’m not going to stay, but I just had to see you once. I wanted to let you know that Spike came to LA for the Ring of Amarra.

"He did?" she smiled at him, "I assume he lost."

"Yeah. Uh, Buffy, he did say something about you though."

Buffy got nervous. "Really? What did he tell you?"

"He mentioned that you and… someone else… a guy…"

"Parker?" Buffy realized the words she just let out of her mouth and cringed. Looking at Angel, she realized that she should tell him the truth. "Yeah, Parker. We, uh, well… I slept with him. I guess he didn’t get truly happy though, ‘cause he decided to get gone… from my life. Should’ve learned my lesson." Looking at Angel she said hurriedly, "Not that you were my lesson! I just meant that - "

Angel smiled, "It’s OK, I know what you meant." He cupped her face in his hands and tenderly kissed her forehead. "Do you know where Parker is?"

Buffy spoke before she thought again, "Yup, he’s flirting with that girl over there at the pool table."

Angel smiled his thanks as he got up and walked over to the pool table. He spotted the boy who looked surprisingly like Xander. Except Xander would never do that to Buffy. "Hello Parker."

Parker looked up at the handsome vampire. "Can I help you with something?"

"In fact, you can. I would like to talk with you outside for a minute."

Parker shrugged his shoulders and turned to the girl next to him, "I’ll be back in a minute Kelli. Would you do me a favor and miss me? My ego’s kinda fragile." Kelli smiled and nodded. Parker followed Angel into the alley. Angel turned to the boy as soon the door shut and said, "You know, there’s a girl I wish would miss me. I know she does and that at least a small part of her still loves me. But most importantly, I love her more than I have ever loved anyone. You really never should have messed with Buffy."

Parker started to feel intimidated, "Hey man, I thought she was single, and it was just a good time. You know how it is with chicks."

Angel gave him a blank look, "She’s single and can do whatever she wants, but no one uses her and the only chick is you. At least, you will be by the end of the night, or I’ve failed."
And with that, he lashed out at Parker with a left hook. Parker’s head flew back and blood spurted out his mouth and nose. Angel let fly with a sharp kick to the groin that left the boy in the fetal position. Angel picked him up by the hair and took him head first into the brick wall. Parker tried to struggle and fight back by throwing a punch at Angel’s face. Angel grabbed his fist and with a crunch, broke every finger in the fist.
"That’s for touching her…" He grasped his arm and broke it with one swift movement,
"And that’s for thinking that you were worthy enough to hold her…" Angel put Parker’s back on the wall and with a head butt, broke his teeth.
"For kissing her…" He kneed Parker in the groin again so hard that there was an audible crunch . "For having sex with her…" And then her threw Parker on the ground and stepped on his legs, crushing them.
"Of course, your real mistake was walking out on her." Angel stepped back and surveyed the damage, "You’ll live but I hope you’ve learned your lesson. You really should treat people nicer." And with that, he walked to his car and drove back to LA After all, he got what he came for. No matter how far away he was from Buffy, he would always champion her honor.

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