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O F F  S I T E

O T H E R  S I T E S

Season 6 - Season in a Nutshell (or just a nutty season) ||>

We all have our ides for what will happen in a seson of Buffy, whether it's good, bad or ugly. But what if we could come up with new episodes of BtVS? Well, some twisted minds did. So here is season six, full of twists and wacky fun! And if you have an idea, feel free to email me with it!

episode 6.1 "Welcome BACK to the Hellmouth"
Joss got a bit lazy and just re-wrote the series premiere for the new network. (completely ignoring the whole Buffy is dead thing) Guest Starring: Gabe Kaplan, John Travolta, Ron Palillo, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, and Robert Hegyes.

episode 6.2 "And Baby Makes 3"
Willow and Tara try a new spell to de-rat Amy. Something (as always) goes wrong, leaving one of them preggers. Anya whines.

episode 6.3 "The One with Two, Four, Six Spikes"
Spike gets in the way of his evil (good?) twin from an alternate universe who got zapped with some sort of magic wand and split into two, one of which is a robot. Xander whines.

episode 6.4 "The Body, Part 2"
Riley's cold, lifeless body washes up on shore. Nobody notices anything different about him.

episode 6.5 "Buffy: RAW is WAR"
Guest starring The Rock and Chyna as demons named "The Rock", and "Chyna" (because Buffy's on UPN, Wrestling. . .you know. . .) Giles gets knocked out.

episode 6.6 "Buffy: The Musical"
Featuring the Long Awaited Brittany Spears guest appearance. In accordance with her deal with Satan for popularity without a shred of talent, Ms. Spears must deliver the deaths of a thousand young souls: Including Dawn's. Singing, Dancing, and Hilarity ensues.

6.07 "Buffy vs. Moesha, Part 1"
This is the crossover event we have been waiting for... The two part episode in Sunnydale and Moesha World. After being brought back from the dead somehow, Buffy questions her slayer-ness. That's when Moesha comes to town. Moesha storms the Magic Box, looking for Buffy and knocks Guiles unconsious; Anya hides behind the counter until she leaves. Xander runs into Moesha and gets taken hostage. Buffy is now forced to find Xander at... Moesha's Castle!

6.08 - The exciting conclusion... "Buffy vs. Moesha, Part 2"
Buffy seeks the help of Willow and Tara to perform a protection spell. Of course something goes wrong and the spell makes Spike love Buffy even more. Buffy leaves Dawn with Willow and Tara and heads to Moesha's Castle, not knowing that Spike is following behind even more like a love-sick puppy. Buffy finds Xander, but is confornted by Moesha who questions her about her slayer abilities. Spike is knocked out. Buffy is unsure and Moesha forces Buffy to drink her blood. Buffy goes to kill Moesha but she disappears into a cloud of smoke leaving the audience with the "Oh God, she could come back" feeling. Willow breaks the love spell.

6.09 "When Shall We Three Meet Again?"

Sabrina hits Sunnydale U and hilarity follows as Tara suspects Willow of preferring the blonde teenager to her in this all TV witches concept episode. Things only get more confusing as Amy is finally de-ratted and is out for revenge and the arrival of the Halliwell sisters leaves Sunnydale full of witches and just waiting to explode...

6.10 "Just The Two of Us"
After rejoining Xander with his other half last year, Anya decides that she liked it better when there were two, and recruits another demon to split Xander in two. However the spell goes wrong and there are two Anyas... the pure sarcastic Anya concentrate and the pure warm Anya concentrate...

6.11 - "The All Naked, All Lesbian Episode" (as David Fury promised)
After the incident in 6.09, Amy is still looking to do some damage, so she turns every human in Sunnydale into a lesbian stripper, forcing everyone to take off their clothing. However, Spike may be the only solution to this problem as he is not human, but then again, would he really want it to stop it if Buffy is naked, making out with Willow and Tara?

6.12: "Rewind"
Feeling embarassed after making out with Buffy, Anya seeks D'hoffran, requesting for the return of her powers so she can turn the day back. Willow wonders why Buffy and Anya are having a problem dealing with the aftermath. Spike, having had the common sense to take pictures of the lesbians, retreats back to his crypt where he finds an old surprise...

6.13: "Surprise 2"
Ran out of ideas for episodes, so Joss and Co decided to resurrect The Judge. Basically, it is just a bunch of clips from the original "Surprise" with a blow up doll painted blue and some old clips of Dawn from early episodes. The FX budget was very low for this ep.

6.14: "Into The Lake"
After everyone finally gets over the whole lesbian experience, people begin to disappear by the shore of Sunnydale Lake (yes, Sunnydale now has a lake ), so it's Buffy and the Gang off to investigate. Giles gets knocked out and falls into the lake and Buffy jumps in to save him, where she finds that the "monster" was really just Riley's dead body that no one really cared about in the first place, and the missing people were just sucked into an open sewer drain pipe. Dawn pouts.

6.15: "A Bad New Beer Man"
Basically, Joss took 2 of the worst eps from Season 4 and combined them to form Buffy's birthday ep. So, once again, it is Buffy's birthday, and this year she is turning 21... so Giles and Tara (the only two who would really be old enough to drink) take Buffy out for drinks where they run into Giles' arch enemy: Ethan Rayne who buddies up with the threesome and by the end of the night, Giles, Buffy, and Tara are a drunken Hydra, sharing one body, but have three heads and all three act like cave people. Ethan Rayne runs away like a cartoon villain.

6.16 "Dead Again" Part I
In the wake of Riley's funeral (they finally noticed him being dead) we see Buffy standing alone near his grave, the grave stone mocking her;"He snogged The Slayer. A lot." Only we see a somber Angel coming up behind her, but after he sees the stone, he backs away again. In her shock she goes over to Willow and Tara's only to find they took off for the hospital, for Willow's baby is due. In the magic Shop she finds Giles's tweed boxers discarded in a dusty corner, she tries to sniff his smell in them, but alas, it hasn't touched his body since he left for England months ago. She has never felt this alone in her life. Walking through the darkening streets of Sunnydale, she doesn't notice the Buffy Bot coming up to her, intent on destroying the one that draws Spike's love and attention away from her. A vicious fight ensues, and in the course of it, we can't keep track of who is who and we watch with horror as one Buffy buries an axe into the others skull....
To be continued...

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