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The Romani Restoration Curse (for solitaries) ||>

Sorry guys, this intro will be long, but you do need to read all before proceeding.
Since I have the Rumanian and English versions, I did two versions of the chant. All the materials and motions are the same. The only difference is that one is in all English, and one is in all Rumanian. I tried to do one in both, to stay truer to the show, but it didn't sound right to me, so I threw it out.
In all of them I kept the Latin part (Quod perditum est inveneitur - Just say it like Giles and not Oz!) because it's easy, and it sounds cool. But for those sticklers, in English it means: 'That which is lost will be found.' In Rumanian it is: 'Tot ce era pierdut o sa fie gasut.'
You might also be thinking: 'Hey, how can this spell work? We all have souls!' I figured the same thing, so I changed it. With his soul, Angel got his conscience back. So this spell is to restore someone's conscience. I kept the 'curse' title, because that's how I still view it. It IS a curse, don't forget that. If you want to use this spell, I urge you to think about it first. It will not work on someone who has a conscience, because it is a restoration spell.
Remember also that this is a real spell, and although it is for entertainment purposes, it should work. If you want to use it, feel free, although I do have one stipulation: Have enough respect for me (and, in a way, BtVS) to follow "An it harm none, do as ye will." Which means: don't use it against anyone to hurt them. Especially with this one. . . please.

Materials Needed:

  1. Runes
  2. Sage incense
  3. candles (preferably white)
  4. An object of your choosing. This can be a poppet, a picture, or a crystal ball, whatever.(but none of that shoddy gypsy craftsmanship!)

Light the incense to dissapate any negative energy. Then, light the candles around the object as you call the Quarters.

Call the Quarters:

Watchtowers of the East
Please protect me and this circle from harm.

Watchtowers of the South
Please protect me and this circle from harm.

Watchtowers of the West
Please protect me and this circle from harm.

Watchtowers of the North
Please protect me and this circle from harm.

Before you do anything else you must toss the runes. this will tell you if the time is right. To keep it truer to BtVS, that is the only correspondence, use your jugement if you would like to plan it out more. If the runes give an unfavorable reading, DON'T PROCEED, just open the circle. That is what rune-tossing before spells is for.

Also: During the chant you need to raise the energy. Remember that it wasn't untl just after the Gypsy woman finished her chant that Angelus had his soul restored. So, the way I took it, as soon as you say the last word, that's when you focus all the energy into the object.

The English Version

Quod perditum est invenietur.

Not dead, nor not of the living, I invoke you spirit of the passing.
God(s) bind him, cast his heart from the evil realm.
I implore you, do not ignore this request. Return to the body what distinguishes man from beast.
Let this object be the vessel that will carry his conscience to him.
So shall it be! Please, restore this one's conscience!

The Romanian Version

I know I don't have these letters accented. I can't do it with my keyboard. The singular form, God was used with the plural (Gods) in parentheses.

Nici mort, nici de-al vietii. Te invoc spirit trecator. Dumnezeule (Dumnezeii) te rog orbeste-l. I-ai inima din aceasta lume rea. Te (Va) implor, nu ignora aceasta rugaminte. Reda (Redati) trupului ceea ce separa omul de bestie. Lasa aceast obiect sa fie vasul care-i va transporta lui la el. Asa sa fie. Te rog reda 'napoi constiinta acestuia.

ground and open the circle as usual.
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