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    8.17.2007 ||>   Sometimes are easier than others

    Last month, I made a promise to myself to socialize more and reach out to family and friends. I don't reach out very well, for lots of reasons, but I was trying to make more of an effort to blog, to chat on the phone and whatnot. Out of that, I was able to get pictures of Amb's little baby boy and he is quite a charmer, as a newborn and I am sure will be just as awesome as his father.

    But here is my story of last week, and I am sure everyone can understand why I have been incommunicado.

    When Snuggles was a kid, he spent a lot of time with his grandmother, who is German, and so he calls her Grossmutti (I hope I spelled that right). She was like a second mother to him and one of the people he most looked up to int he world. Last Friday, she died. In her 90's this was becoming more and more expected, but like the death of my father, it came as a shock nevertheless.

    As an aside, just because it is expected, it doesn't mean that it hurts less. I knew my dad's time was coming to a close, but it still didn't stop me from spiraling downward and lashing out in my grief when it did happen. I still can't view him without complex layers of emotion: anger, grief, love and regret are all components.

    To make matters worse, an aunt on his father's side, also in her 90's passed on this week. He wasn't particularly close to this aunt, but when someone is already grieving, what would make one normally sad tends to propel them into even further depths. He was unable to attend either funeral. We are in another town today and couldn't attend the aunt's funeral, and his passport has expired, so he could not make it to his Grossmutti's funeral in Germany, much to his own dismay.

    I have been trying to draw on my experience with loss and grief, but cannot seem to do anything to help. Death is such a difficult thing: there's only so much a person can do for someone experiencing a loved one passing. So I have been here for him, and not really doing much else but work. What else is there to be done?

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    1.08.2007 ||>   Sometimes things are confusing

    I often wonder why people do the things they do. Like, what made people decide that floating a plastic cow down a river would be something fun to do. Looking at it, I can only come to the conclusion that it would be one hell of a good time.


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    1.02.2007 ||>   Resolutions

    #1: Save money and reduce spending
    #2: Blog more often - every day if I can
    #3: Be healthier - especially dentally.
    #4: Keep in better touch with friends and family.

    Of course, I don't have the best start on these. I didn't blog the New Year. I haven't called anyone to wish them a Happy New Year. It doesn't give anyone momentum when their boyfriend's mother is in town, and she's fascinating. Or when my body decided last Friday to come down with a head cold that felt like all the veins in my head were bursting one by one.

    So, I suck. But I'll try. In the meantime: a picture of where the bf's mom works. Wouldn't you be in thrall to her stories as well?


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    7.12.2004 ||>  

    While Kelly and I were in Germany, we came upon the "Smart" car, which, as you can see, is possibly the smallest car ever. It seems to scream "fuel efficiency" and only fits two people. I don't like cars, and I don't drive, but I have to say that even I was overwhelmed with how cute they were. If only America would get over its SUV addiction and start driving these babies, maybe the gas crisis would be less severe. And the world would be a cuter place.

    In any case, I hope you enjoy the new layout.

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