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    5.21.2008 ||>   Bathroom Habits

    Our kitten Lina is now the biggest brat. She is fascinated by anything having to do with the toilet, especially when we are on it, and even more especially when one of us needs to poo. When she hears one of us sitting down, or grabbing toilet paper, her habit is to get behind the toilet. From there, it provides her the best vantage point for her to swat at the toilet paper as we wipe. She also will try to stick her nose straight into the, uh, "money shot" if you get my drift.

    When we successfully get her out from her perch, finish and get up from the toilet, she will run back to the toilet and do what we have captured in film: stare into the bowl as we flush. She stays like that until all the flushing is done, then will jump onto the toilet, stare into the bowl, and occasionally try to taste the water afterwards.

    It has gotten so obnoxious that Tony is now shutting her out of the bathroom, and I am cutting her off from her perch with my leg or squirting her with a water bottle. Of course, now she has learned to pop the door open, and jump over my legs. She gets upset with us if we close the lid, or try to block her from the flushing in any way and will act crazy for bout five minutes after the lid is shut. Such is her quest to get in on the poo.

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    1.25.2007 ||>   Another funny poop story

    I was walking to the bathroom the other day, and there was another woman walking in front of me. We made eye contact, so she knew who I was. We each chose a stall in the bathroom, and she did her business. I realized very early on that I had more business there than I intended.

    I think because I looked her in the eye before entering the bathroom that something clicked in my brain and I realized that I couldn't go to the bathroom. So, I waited for her to finish. Except, she flushed the toilet and then waited.

    I kept at trying to go to the bathroom, to no avail, with her standing (or sitting) by. After what seemed like five minutes, it all came out in a rush and I couldn't help but crack up. This lady then, violated the "don't ask, don't tell" rule of corporate bathrooms by askign me, "Are you laughing at yourself?"

    When I answered yes, she continued, "Well, sometimes it's hard to keep it in." But, you see, I was trying to get it out.

    After commenting, she gets up, washes her hands and leaves.


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    8.16.2006 ||>   Hiding the Work Poop

    Have you ever gone into the bathroom at work and realized that:
    1. Someone is or has pooped in the next stall
    2. They refuse to come out until you are gone

    I walked into the bathroom this morning and went to the bathroom, realized the person had pooped and had the sneaking suspicion that the person was waiting for me to leave because I might find out they pooped?

    I poop at work all the time, and I have to say that it's a mixed bag. Sometimes I don't care and just pop out of the bathroom, engaging in conversation. Sometimes I do, and refuse to make a sound until everyone has left the bathroom. But one thing I do know is: I don't care about other people pooping. So why would they care about me?

    Hey, it's getting paid to (literally) do shit! Something to be proud of, I guess.

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